It started out small
Silent creeping round and round
Whispers in the night.
Things left unspoken.
Things left unthought.
The thought was always there
Thinking, growing, forming, twisting
Taking root, until, one day

It did.

A rustle started amongst the people
Neighbor spoke to neighbor
Friend to friend
Light was coming.
A spark here
A beam there.
An idea enraptured the people
Filling, hoping, enabling, creating
Developing, until, one day

It happened.

The king saw not
The king heard not
What the people had been thinking
What the people had been saying
He worried not
He cared not.
Why should he, he thought.
The reason was never there
Invisible, misted, evasive, silent
Until, one day,

It was.

Floods came upon the castle
Stones rocked the halls
A rising-up had taken hold
A putting-down was in place.
Out with the unfair, and in the people ran.

The king, his final hour drawing nigh
Lifted his head, if only to sigh
His ears were gone
His eyes perished.
He never dreamt of this.
No thought, no comment
No word, no story
Ever was such as his
Until, one day

There was.