13 Reviews Of Student's Favorite University Of Maryland Buildings
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Student Life

13 Reviews Of Student's Favorite University Of Maryland Buildings

Location, location, location.

13 Reviews Of Student's Favorite University Of Maryland Buildings

I'm a junior at the University of Maryland who's been through 7 majors, so I think I have some experience with the variety of buildings at the university. There are clear divisions among the academic schools, and it's apparent with the quality of their buildings. There are also divisions in location and residence halls. Please note I'm only a person and while I've been through more majors than necessary, I haven't had classes in every building. So don't be hurt I didn't review your favorite building. Here we go:

1. Tydings Hall: 4/5

Tydings is probably one of the prettiest buildings on campus... from the outside. Inside? Kind of a mediocre high school vibe. Have you ever been to the 4th floor? I didn't even know there was a 4th floor. Nothing says underclassmen years like ECON200 with 400 other people in a sweaty, humid Tydings lecture hall, yes that one, where you can KINDA hear Professor Schwab make Ferris Bueller's Day Off references. Overall, Tydings isn't a bad building, but the outside is misleading.

2. Math Building: 1/5

I hate the Math Building. Why do the classrooms in the basement start with "B" instead of "0" like almost every other building? You aren't special. The Math Building gives me memories of getting lost, crammed classrooms, TAs that don't help, and a faint Subway smell.

3. Architecture Building: 1/5

You'd think a building dedicated to architecture would be better. But no. The outside is fine. Having your own bridge is pretty cool. Why are there no windows? Bathrooms in the far corners of the buildings? Why are the lecture halls hard to find? Maybe it's my nonexistent sense of direction getting me lost in most buildings but ANYWAY, architecture students deserve better.

4. Eppley Recreation Center: 5/5

I'm not sure about the story behind how Eppley got funded, but it's like UMD got their tax returns and balled out on a gym. Sure, it's so humid sometimes that I feel like I'm breathing water, but it's so great besides that. If only it was accessible to more people than the freshman class.

5. Ritchie Coliseum: -1/5

The biggest downgrade to moving off-campus is using Ritchie instead of Eppley. Ritchie reminds me of a gym from the 80's minus the leg warmers. If there are more than 3 people in the cardio room? Forget it. It's more humid than DC in July. And sometimes there's some high school event in the auditorium that closes the entire building. And 10AM-6PM on Sunday? C'mon CRS.

6. Art-Sociology Building: 3/5

I have a lot of strong opinions but one of my strongest is that the Art-Sociology Library is the best library on campus. Moving on, it's just a nicely laid out building. There's a lot of concrete for some reason and the water filters have red lights because they're expired, but the name of the Art-Sociology Building's name does not lead to disappointment. Unlike some other building.

7. Van Munching Hall: 5/5

Ok everyone has their own opinions on the Smith School, but their building lives up to the hype. It looks like a private university's business school and blows Tydings out of the water. I'm not a business student, but I took a class in there and you bet I took advantage of the free Dunkin coffee from recruiters. Can you imagine going to class every day and have recruiters push free stuff at you while giving you a job? Van Munching wins the best building for this alone.

8. Chemistry Building: 1/5

Maybe I did poorly in CHEM131 because of the building. No, it was definitely because I suck at chemistry. What I'm trying to get at is that the Chemistry Building looks like a depressing middle school that hasn't been updated since 'Nam. Chemistry is already a terrible subject and the environment doesn't help. And the Chemistry Library? Even worse.

9. School of Public Health: 4/5

I don't have a lot against SPH. Having a school with its own gym is pretty cool. So is having a bedazzled Testudo in the front entrance. SPH has a weird vibe going. Is it aiming for industrial? Or maybe knock off Chipotle? I'm not sure, but it kinda works in a weird way. The only real downside is the location unless you're a freshman. At least the upperclassmen Kinesiology majors are getting a workout every time they have to go to class.

10. Glenn L. Martin Hall: 3/5

I'm not an engineering student, but I had a communications class in there for some reason. It's much less rundown than BSOS and ARHU buildings, but still not great shape. The Taco Bell and Subway in the building are really clutch, though.

11. Biology-Psychology Building: 4/5

Biopsych is just really aesthetically pleasing. It seems like most people take PSYC100 at some point of their college career, so you've probably been here. I'm deducting points for the nonexistent upkeep of the women's bathrooms. No one deserves that.

12. North Campus High Risers Besides Oakland: 2/5

I lived in a triple in Easton my freshman year and a forced double in Elkton my sophomore year. Yes, forced doubles exist. The thing with high risers is that you don't realize how terrible they are until you move out of them. There's nothing fun about sharing a bathroom with 30 other people. Especially during the weekend. The location, small living spaces, living with 70 other people on your floor, being held by Dining Services, and such force low marks.

13. Oakland Hall: 4/5

It's almost cruel that the residents of Easton have to face Oakland. The difference of standard of living between Oakland and every other North Campus hall is ridiculous. Better rooms? More lounges? Bathrooms with only 3 other people? A better-looking lobby? Oakland has it all. Besides location.

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