Review: Omni Delivers 'Deluxe' Post-Punk
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Review: Omni Delivers 'Deluxe' Post-Punk

Review: Omni Delivers 'Deluxe' Post-Punk

Post-punk is having a revival in our time. Omni, out of Atlanta, Georgia, has played their part in this revival recently with their newest LP and debut, 'Deluxe'. Frankie Broyles, previously of Deerhunter, brings his punchy, lo-fi guitar melodies to the sweetly dreary vocals and balancing bass of Philip Frobos. The other ex-Carnivore populating the roster is Billy Mitchell, showcasing his drumming expertise on many tracks. Together, the three form a cohesive post-punk outfit that have easily made one of the best records of Summer 2016.

The album presents an A Side that rivals that of 'Entertainment!', Gang of Four's famous debut record. Track after track, Omni plays solid riff after solid riff. Each song is surprisingly easy to dance to. Just as Protomartyr accomplished this in 2015's 'The Agent Intellect', the post-punk revival wave brings Gothic, emotional dance themes to the world. What I find most pleasing in records of this genre is their motifs. Omni vocalizes human obsession with death, problems with fake relationships, and the truth of an ice cold drink. While not as politically charged as most post-punk and punk bands, Omni lyricizes what they see as issues in our present national culture.

Omni's artistic style need not be underrated, either. The band is just as in touch with their visual presentation as they are with their sound. Omni has put out music videos to three of their songs, 'Afterlife', 'Wire', and 'Earrings'. Each video shows Omni's great respect for minimalism. Most of the videos' style is purely made up of shapes and colors layered over shots of nature. The lens through which all the videos are shot appear as if they came from some VHS, contributing even more to the excess of Vaporwave content in the past year alone. These music videos are unorthodox because the band isn't featured in any of the videos except for 'Earrings'. These visuals show Omni in a reserved light. The vocals and instrumentation only further emphasize this natural nonchalance and showcase the times in Omni's music when they deliver melodic hooks. It feels like what I imagine getting punched by Emma Watson feels like, hurtful but entirely pleasant.

Omni is not for everyone, however. Many people complain that Omni is too slow or simplistic to garner their repeated listening. Omni lacks the speed and intensity that English post-punk pioneers defined themselves and the genre with. While Omni tends to rush through live performances, their recorded tracks are far too good to ignore. Riffs on this LP are entirely infectious and the production manages to be simultaneously punchy and lo-fi. The appeal of Omni comes in their unification of this lo-fi production and post-punk into a genre of their own. The trio comes through on 'Deluxe' with a danceable uniqueness that is unparalleled currently in the post-punk scene. I encourage all to give it a listen at least one time through.

Songs of Note: Wire, Earrings, Cold Vermouth, 78

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