Godzilla: King of Monsters

I've grown up in a family that absolutely adores Godzilla - I mean, we even liken him to our beloved pet Gus at times - so I was pretty excited for this movie. And monster movies, especially in this era of amazing CGI, are never disappointing. Of course, when all your focus is on the fighting scenes, there is plenty room for disappointment in writing.

So, while the movie itself was really exciting and had you cheering on for Godzilla the entire time, it was definitely lacking in the human department. I mean, what even is the point of trying to shove a family drama in the middle of a total Titan war? Not to mention some plot-holes and weird explanations and jumps to get the story moving along. Regardless, it's a monster movie and I didn't come here for the human plot. The fight scenes were phenomenal, and admittedly, even emotional at times. The shots were beautiful, especially when Godzilla's reflection appeared on a building, or the radiation spikes shooting off of him.

My favorite parts had to be with Ishiro Serizawa's character, though. He encapsulated a beautiful manner of compassion and trust in Godzilla - truly the way one should be with a force of nature that great. His final scene was tremendously depressing but at the same time so beautiful. If he were to say goodbye, I'm glad it was in his own language and in a beautiful place like Godzilla's own throne.

I'm looking forward to how Godzilla's fight with King Kong will pan out and if the writers will decide on an ultimate winner. I also wonder how the coexistence of Titans and humans will occur. On the surface level, the movie was good, but it feels like with these two questions there's room for error as much as there could be to tie things together perfectly. The only thing left to do is wait for the final installations of the monster universe.

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