Front Porch Step.

For those who don't know about this project, it's actually pretty good, despite what may come up on google when it is searched.

It is no secret that the front man of this project has been involved in his fair share of controversy.

But, I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to talk to those willing to look past what this man has done (or maybe not done), and really listen to the music he produced.

I don't really care what people think about Jack Mcelfresh.

I actually believe that his music is a lot more important than the things he's done, but like I said, really not the point.

I've only been into this project for about a week, but I've had the album Aware that was released in November of 2013, on repeat

So here's some notes on his album, Aware.

"Angels and Demons"- This is the song that the album opens up with, and I think it's a good introduction for it. There's a lot of poetry within the songs, and this one has the most, and I think that this shows the vibe that Front Porch Step is trying to give off.

"Aware"- It may have the title of the album, but it's the second song shown to us. Again, another poetic song. But also romantic. He gives off a small feeling of hopelessness, but still makes you feel something in this song. You can tell in this song that he's trying to get close to a girl, and the girl isn't exactly cooperating–with him. So many great lines in this song, and is one of my favorites.

"Private Fears in Public Places"- Again, talking about a girl, that he just can't seem to have, or to get. A feeling that I think we can all relate to. In this song, he says, "I'd rather fight with you, than laugh with another. I'd rather freeze in your arms, than be warm under covers." And it's a feeling I think we can all relate to. This song gives a sort of eerie feeling, as he explains the lengths that he would go for the person he wrote the song for. He's going after something that I don't think he can have, or get as easily as he wishes. You can feel the pain that Jake is singing about in the song.

"Drown"- This is the song that got me into this album, and this project. This is also the song I think I can relate to the most, and a good song to listen to if you're going through some sort of a breakup. It really resonates with the broken heart, and gives off the angry side that I don't think we always show in a breakup, or any situation that is similar. The feeling of being hopelessly in love with someone is the feeling that he gives off, even though he can see how badly he's been played. This is something I think we can all relate to. He is somewhere between wanting to be with this person, and wanting them to come back, and the opposite end of the stick, by actually saying, "get off my mind, give back my heart, and get the fuck away from me." Something else I think we can relate to, when we finally see what we deserve. A good song for a rainy day.

"If I Tremble"- This is one of the more very romantic songs on the album. Again, talking about this girl, or this person. He glorifies them and talks about the simple things about this person, and how it makes him want to wake up in the morning. He wants to marry this person, and he wants to have this person for the rest of his life. It's such a sweet song, but still gives off the same vibe as the rest of the songs. This one is a lot more uplifting, and I think it could actually be a sweet song for any couple.

"Poison"- Well, exactly how the title sounds. This song is about to make you feel something. In the very beginning of the song, he starts talking about how the heart wants what it can't have, which is something we can all relate to. Something that stuck with me with this song was, "You walk away from my life, when you live inside my brain." This song is here to make sure you can feel the hurt, and feel the strength of the pain that Jake seems to be feeling in this one. He makes it clear without even saying it... He continues to drink the poison even though it is killing him.

"Run Away"- This song sounds a lot more upbeat, but the lyrics really are not. This one is more very up close and in your face, and gets straight to the point. Missing someone who he really shouldn't be missing. He says he will run away, and get out of the town, in order to get away from the person who he used to be with. He would rather run away and start his life somewhere else than stay in the same town with the person who he used to love. He talks about a lot of things that I think we can all relate to, and is way worth the listen.

"Lullaby"- Sounds very sweet, and I think it is. Another song on the album that is supposed to make you feel good, instead of feeling the constant trend of pain that is weaved through this album. Just as a lullaby is supposed to sound, it's something that will make you smile, and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Something you wish someone might sing to you.

"The Day You Took the Good Away"- It opens up kind of confusing, and it ends in that way too. This is one of those that I think you have to listen to for yourself to understand, because to be honest, it was hard to understand at first for me.

"Island of the Misfit Boy"- This is one that's definitely going to make you feel upset. Jake continues with the songs making us feel hopeless, sad, and depressed. He can't make friends, and he can't seem to get the hang of things in this song. Nothing is going right for him in this song, but it seems to be one of the more popular songs on the album.

"I Won't Say That I'm Okay"- A slower song, that is also more straight to the point, and less poetic. This song, as stated in the end, was written for his grandmother. It's a song about losing someone, and what it feels like. A tearjerker. But a lovely song.