At the end of every semester, for those students who go away for college, they look forward to returning back home for various reasons. Similarly enough, I'm sure all the parents are ecstatic to have their children back. However, the excitement doesn't last very long.

When returning home, most if not all, students have the luxury to have homecooked meals, their laundry done for them and dishes done by their mom. That "independent" student that once existed has walked out the door and now all there's left is a highly dependent child.

One of the many perks of being home for the holidays is the lack of responsibilities a college student has. The stress of having to study for another exam or doing all-nighters to finish assignments has quickly vanished. Now their days are filled with Netflix marathons, sleeping in until midday and staying out all night. This can get a little worrisome for their parents, seeing their kids do absolutely nothing. But it is important for parents to keep in mind that their kids have just endured a week filled sleepless nights and they are completely burned out.

Being away for college means that there are no nagging parents with strict curfews, thus allowing one to stay out and go wherever they please. That is why one may get into more arguments with their parents when they're home. If your parents are anything like mine, then I'm positive they use the "as long as you live under my roof you'll follow my rules," as much as they can, and even though you're only there for a couple weeks, its best to do as they say. If not, you'll probably find yourself sleeping on a different friend's couch every other day. It is important to find a good balance that works both for you and your parents to avoid as much confrontation as possible and to make your stay a smooth and relaxing one.

One of the biggest advantages of being home is not being on a college budget. You can go out, have a good dinner, and not have to worry about how much the bill will be because you're with mom and dad. Being able to go to the grocery store and pick anything you want has to be one of the greatest feelings one can feel. Not having to worry and budget yourself reduces a great amount of stress.

While it's clear that returning home can have many pros and cons, it is important for everyone, both students and parents, to enjoy those couple of weeks together. Try to find a happy medium to avoid as many arguments as possible. Making returning home an enjoyable one instead of a dreadful one. It is crucial to enjoy life's little moments with those you love the most.