A Retired Instagram Model in The Year 2050

What Every 2019 Instagram Model Will Be Doing By The Year 2050

"I swear this post isn't #sponsored!"


In the year 2050, there will be a new generation facing unexpected back pains. This generation will be full of professionals who are doing great things with their lives and making great change for our country.

However, by the year 2050, the now 20-something-year-old "Instagram Models" will be forced to face their early retirement when their first wrinkle appears.

Their beauty allowed them to make a living in their younger years, now with that fading, we are left wondering what will a retired Instagram Model be like in the year 2050?

Her hair

Damaged from countless products with her extensions hanging on for dear life. She keeps taking those blue bear shaped gummies that she's sold on Instagram all of those years because she swears they help!

Her face

Still never to be seen bare to the public, because makeup is "her art." She continues to say "I swear this post still isn't sponsored" in between bites of her beautifully colored acaì bowl. However, she would not dare eat the under-blended smoothie before posting a picture of it (obviously).

Her figure

Still skinny as ever. She maintains that shape that Instagram has shown us is the only acceptable way to look! Oh, you don't look like her? Lucky for you, she is still selling a detox tea that will allow you to lose all of your body fat in just a week!

Her fingers

Bent and misshapen from constant editing of pictures, ahem, I mean, from the constant posting of completely natural pictures…!

The modern "perfect," Instagram Model may be seen retiring in the year 2050. Maybe her wrinkles or shorter hair won't match her "theme." Maybe her kids will have blonde hair while she is a brunette, and that just obviously won't be aesthetically pleasing. She has her reasons!

She might have skipped college to travel the world (with money that she must've grown on a tree in her perfectly lit garden), but at least her work in advertising will help her out! I mean she must be pretty good at it, because, come on, you've got to be just a little curious about those blue bear shaped gummies and that detox tea...

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