Finding Rest

I don't know about the rest of you, but there have been times in my life where I have forgotten how small God is. Now I'm not saying that He's too small to actually do anything, but rather that He deeply cares for me. Think about this for a second; the God that created the whole universe wants you. He wants to call you His. He paints the sky each night, controls the wind and the waves, and could move mountains if he wanted to. But more than anything He wants to call you His own. Woah.

As a college student I pray a lot for focus and good memory for when I take exams and when I study. But there is this little voice that I hear calling to me that tells me Jesus doesn't care about my test or my studies. And the sad part is that sometimes I buy into that lie. Because it makes sense. Of course the Lord of the Universe has more important things to do than be here for me.

But the really amazing thing is that he cares for even the animals. Imagine how much more he cares about each and every one of us. What a powerful image! God is such a good Father to each of his children.

One of the best things I have learned to do when I am stressed is imagine what it would be like to curl up in God's lap. I am not trying to humanize God or anything like that, but imagining climbing into his lap and just resting while he carries me or just holds me is such a comforting thought. So my challenge for you is not to put God in a box, not to make him small, but make him more real to you.

Picturing getting rest from Him on my worst day at college, when it feels like I am drowning in stress, I call out to the Lord. Our lifeguard walks on water. Praise God! We do not have to save ourselves. He will give rest to those who ask for it because he loves us so much.

There is nothing wrong with acting like a child and crawling in his lap. Having a childlike faith is something we should strive to have as Christians. And much like children we will stumble and fall and, like any good father, He will set us on a correct path.

So embrace your inner child when it comes to your relationship with God. Learn to rest in his arms that are always open and ready for you.

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