3 Things That Happen To You When Someone Passes Away

This week has been one of the toughest weeks most students at Independence Community College has had. Because the most influential person on campus was in a huge car accident and didn't make it. She was literally friends with almost everybody and a special friend of mine too. But sadly it takes something like this for us to realize these things.

1. Don't take anyone in your life for granted.

Until something like this happens, we really seem to not realize how special someone is to us. It's sad because then you lose them and it's too late by then. Pushing people away like I use to do, is just not worth it, there are many people who love us more than we even realize.

2. Brings People Together

This literally brought everyone together, fine art kids and athletes. At the candle lighting Thursday night, I was standing there bawling my eyes out, then these two volleyball girls I never talked too before came up to me and said "I don't know you but I would love to get to know you, if you want to enter our crazy lives, you can come hang with us". Then I told them, "were just weird choir kids and I would like that".

3. You forgive and fix broken friendships

Sadly most of the time, it takes something like this to happen to repair broken friendships. You start talking again with someone you haven't spoken to much because of something so stupid. It's time to learn how to forgive and love with all our hearts. What if it was the person you never made things right with in that car accident?

I will admit like most of us, I am not okay at all right now. I miss her very much and so do many others. All we can do is pray and stick together through all this. Rest in peace Savanah, it was a true honor to call you my friend, you were so beautiful inside and out.

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