In Response To Sante Fe

I have written two articles in response to the Parkland High School Shooting.

I truly believed that the movement that spawned from the devastating tragedy that happened in Parkland would push Congress to at least try and do something to stop the next massacre from happening. I had hope that, because of the strength and determination of the students that survived this shooting, something, anything, would change in our gun violence epidemic.

But, no- once again, Congress is putting their pockets ahead of our children.

And Sante Fe High School paid for their ignorance this past week.

When will enough be enough? How long do we have to sit and watch all these news reports about people who are killed by senseless gun violence?

I have three younger siblings that I love more than anything in this world- I would do anything for them with no hesitation. I know they go to school everyday and am terrified that one day, their school will be added onto the long list of schools tarnished by gun violence.

The thoughts and prayers that are shared over social media are not enough- they never were before, and they definitely are not now.

I am sick of seeing the same headlines in the news- I want to see change, I want to see that things are getting better.

As I have said before, I understand the opposition to gun control, but people misunderstand what we mean when we ask for gun control. We are not asking for everyone's guns to be handed over to the government, and I understand and respect the common man's right to own a gun. Although I may not think it necessary or agree with it morally, I understand that people feel the need to hunt animals for sport or feel safer at night knowing they could protect their family against a home invader.

The purpose of gun control is not to take away everyone's guns. Although there are certain extremists who advocate removal of all guns, I understand that this is not realistic or wanted by anyone who owns guns.

When we say "gun control", we ask for common sense gun laws that will benefit everyone. We ask that background checks are implemented and that licenses become required to own a gun. If we need a license to drive, why can we not impose a license to kill?

Enough is enough. We need action, and we need it now.

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