A new year is rapidly approaching, meaning whole new sets of New Year's resolutions will soon be created all around the world. As inspiring as all these resolutions are, the reality is that most people set goals way too ambitious and unrealistic for their lifestyle, and these resolutions often last no more than three weeks into the new year. I'm definitely guilty of over half of these, but here are 20 resolutions that 95% of the people who set them probably don't end up following through.

1. I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week

3 times a week? More like 3 times a year. RIP that new and expensive gym membership that will never be put to use.

2. I will get a 4.0 this semester

College is hard and classes are hard and life is hard.

3. I will quit partying and going out for the rest of the year

Consider yourself lucky if you can last even one semester.

4. I will stop setting standards for a partner based on a perfect movie character

Not everyone can be Thor, but one can always dream, right?

5. I will eat out less to save money

There are too many good cuisines out there that I am incapable of creating myself.

6. I will skip fewer classes this semester

Sounds great, doesn't work.

7. I will stop caving in to online sales all the time

Some sales are just so incredibly good - how can anyone resist? (Although I have found it helpful to unsubscribe to emails by these companies!)

8. I will stop being the flaky friend

Things just come up last minute, what can you do?

9. I will maintain my friendships better

With midterm after project after presentation, you don't even have time to maintain yourself.

10. I will go to office hours more

You've chosen a friendly professor who insists students come to their office hours, but it's just so hard to bring yourself to meet them.

11. I will take care of myself more

No more all-nighters? No more than 2 cups of coffee a day? What? Who said that?

12. I will actually read my textbooks and do all my assigned readings

This is a success for maybe two weeks, then the 50 page, per lecture, per class, reading load just overwhelms you completely. The textbook still looks brand new by the time you return it to Amazon at the end of the semester.