1. Go To The Gym Every Day

Lets face it we all make this one of our New Years resolutions every year. After spending the first few days of the year aimlessly wandering around the gym crowded with people who made the same resolution as us, we've had enough gym time for that year.

2. Go Out And Drink Less

This one usually ends when the semi-annual holiday of syllabus week begins. During syllabus week, it is socially unacceptable to not go out and drink every night. Each night is accompanied by some sort of cheap alcohol in a big cup.

3. Stop Skipping Class

When registering for classes, we have a lot of faith in ourselves and think we will be able to handle have eight a.m. classes. Waking up and making it to that eight am is hard enough but it get a whole lot harder when you wake up hungover from syllabus week.

4. Make Friends In Class

New semesters mean new class mates. You plan to make friends with the people that sit near you until you walk in on the first day, feel awkward, and pull out your phone and silently pretend to be doing something very important. This continues throughout the semester and by the time you get to midterms its too late anyway.

5. Cook More And Eat Out Less

We think to ourselves cooking is so much cheaper and it is way healthier than eating out. However, grocery shopping and making time to cook is hard with a busy schedule. By February were back to eating Chick-fil-A twice a day.