New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Stick With
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New Year

5 New Years Resolutions You Can ACTUALLY Stick With Since You Gave Up After January 2nd

Because the read a book a day idea didn't go over so well.

5 New Years Resolutions You Can ACTUALLY Stick With Since You Gave Up After January 2nd

At the start of each year, we view it as a way to better ourselves, almost as if it's a clean slate or as if we have the available "Try again" option that's in video games.

We take this opportunity, and we make either a tangible list or a mental list of goals that we tell ourselves we are going to start doing and it WILL happen this year.

You then realize by the day after New Year's you have already ruined your diet by eating that leftover chocolate cake, and by checking your Twitter feed you can say goodbye to that social media cleanse. I have been there, and I have not followed through with my resolutions just like the rest of you.

Instead of ridiculous, unattainable goals though I have decided to implement tiny habits throughout my days that will better myself in the long-run.

  Brisk walk/run

Instead of setting a goal to run five miles a day, or really just putting any number on it, just go with the flow of things. Get up and just go for a walk, jog, run or maybe even do a little yoga too.

You shouldn't dread putting some cardio in your days and even the smallest steps every day can make a big difference.

  Cut social media time

Don't reach down for your phone every time you wake up, go to bed or become the slightest bit bored. I'm not saying cut it out completely because we all know that won't happen but set a limit on your phone for social media. Sometimes too much Instagram can be toxic — and we don't always have to know what Lindsey is eating or where Tim is partying.

 Read more

This is another goal that shouldn't have a number be put on it but should definitely be a part of your improved routine. Reading can help you relax and ease your mind, so go dust off your Hunger Games collection.

  Clean eating

Next time you're starving, but you just went to the grocery and could make yourself a nice li'l ham sandwich, do it. Don't go towards that vivid yellow and red Mcdonald's sign that we all love and crave, it's only a trap. (This is another one that shouldn't have to be cut out completely either, I mean c'mon it's Mcdonald's.)


This is my favorite resolution because I love self-care. It should be an easier resolution, but sometimes it's not because there are people who never take the time out of their days to take care of themselves mentally or physically.

If you are one of those people, start having a face mask on hand and fit time in your days watching your go-to Netflix show.

These are just a few that I have recently been incorporating in my daily life, and even if it's not going to make any drastic changes I know that it will help me health wise for the future. Happy 2019, let's make it a good one!

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