The American Psychology Association (APA) describes resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. Previously, my article offered a space for many to emotionally bond. Some may have interpreted the battle cry as a call for women's pity. I am here to follow up because I, like many of you reading, am a resilient woman. Not only am I demanding change, but taking mollie's case as an opportunity to make it.

Moving forward, identifying resiliency within ourselves, it is important to capacitate the need for positive plans and the steps necessary to be resilient. If we demand change from others we must first, ask ourselves how we can change. A good leader, leads by example, and "LADIES" if we want to make a change we must be the change!

How do I see this change occurring in my life? First off I took a chance to use my voice, we all have a voice, USE IT. Identify your strengths, and be confident in them. Second, through the all-women's organization, I am apart of on my campus, I have participated in facilitating a self- defense class. Third, I am setting a personal goal to keep Mollie in my heart, but to no longer engage in mass media posts regarding her case or Christhian. This is how I have decided to manage my feelings, and per the APA, that is a factor in resilience.

Finally, once you have all embarked on an opportunity for personal change, and are confident to self- identify as a resilient woman, I ask for you to reach out. Share with me why you are a resilient woman, and I will be sure to use your story as an effort to band resilient women together in a network change makers.

Always more.


A resilient woman.