Why A Rescue Dog Is The Best Dog
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Why A Rescue Dog Is The Best Dog

I'm proud to call my dog a mutt.

Why A Rescue Dog Is The Best Dog

Afghan Hound, Golden Doodle, Akita, Old English Sheepdog, Papillon, Bracco Italiano, Morkie-poo, Chow Chow, Mutt. One of these names is not like the others. When someone ask what type of dog I have I proudly say, "I don't know, he is a mutt." While I am a dog lover no matter what the breed, I have to say my heart belongs to rescue dogs; the dogs without fancy names and perfect markings. Throughout my life, I have had many pets. From the moment I was born I had two dogs and when they passed away my family rescued two more. Rescue dogs are the best dogs because they fill a gap in your life, just like you fill a gap in theirs.

Many people think that dogs in shelters are there because they have behavior issues, aren't cute enough or are too old. These are all assumptions. Many dogs are in shelters due to overpopulation, demands for purebred dogs and lack of people spaying and neutering their pets. And if you happen to rescue an older dog, guess what? You probably don't have to house train them. There are many perks of choosing to rescue a dog, rather than go to a breeder.

When you rescue a dog, you are saving its life. When you rescue a dog, you are preventing another dog from being bred over and over again. When you rescue a dog, you are making room for another dog to get off the streets and into a shelter. When you rescue a dog, you are giving puppy mills less of a demand. When you rescue a dog, you are finding your most loyal companion.

Rescue dogs know what it is liked to be unloved, hungry and cold. Therefore, they never let you forget how thankful they are to be loved, well fed and sleeping in your bed. They do this by racing to the front door when they hear your footsteps, the non-stop licking of your face and the "puppy dog eyes" that stick around well past when they are a puppy.

Many rescue dogs have had a rough start. Because of this, the relationship and bond a rescue dog has with its owner is one that cannot be replaced or upgraded by a "name brand" dog. You will literally watch your rescue go from a timid and anxious dog to a lovable and healthy one. In fact, most mutts are healthier than dogs from breeders.

Rescue dogs may have funny quirks or need extra love every now and then, but so do we, right? After rescuing a dog, you will find yourself asking the question, "Did I rescue the dog, or did the dog rescue me?" Next time you consider making an addition to your pet family, think about rescuing a dog rather than going to a breeder. I promise you, you won't mind telling people your dog is a mutt.

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