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It's Okay To Remove Toxic People In Your Life

I cannot let the negative minority bother me when I am touching more hearts than I could ever imagine.

"When God covers your life abundantly, people who tried to break you, don't understand that no weapon formed against you will prosper. No matter how they try to damage your name, beat you down with lies, cause you to feel belittled. You are covered."
-Sopha Rush

I was always taught to be respectful, polite, and understanding to those who are superior to me, and I always have. But what happens when those who are being respected are not retaliating the same energy?

I personally get frustrated but try to kill the negativity with kindness and compassion. However, once it gets to the point of toxicity you have to go. Something no one should tolerate is toxic behavior directed towards them. Whether it be a toxic job, a toxic relationship, or toxic friends/family, if the behavior is unacceptable then they can exit to the left.

Recently I posted an article on my truth about having an absent father. It reached over 3.5k views and I received so much more love than expected, but there were a few comments from toxic people that disturbed my peace to the highest extent. I decided to reflect on the comments and thought to myself "3 versus 3,000, what truly counts?"

You probably already know the answer.

Those few three cannot and will not defeat me. I cannot let the negative minority bother me when I am touching more hearts than I could ever imagine. A way to think of it is often times you will have all of your friends compliment you on things but if one person says something negative about you, you are more prone to remember the least common remark. We just have to disregard any negativity that may come our way and remember that we are what we believe we are not what anyone else says we are.

If you have anyone/anything in your life that causes havoc or brings negativity- remove it. Whether that is a block, an unfriend, or even a trip to the dumpster, take the time to clear your life and mind of all toxic items and start your next minute fresh. You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and the minority of thoughts, comments, and concerns won't even phase you anymore because you know that you are content with your life and your current situation.

Understand that you won't always be able to simply block someone out of your life through social media but you have to do it with your mind as well. Remove those who are negative, those who would pray for your downfall, those who get jealous when you are prospering and those who aren't able to wish you well.

Surround yourself with positivity and always remember that you are what God says you are, and what you know you are.

Teach people that you can succeed without their support. You are great, love yourself, and keep your eyes on the prize.

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