As I sit in the library and ask myself how I am going to get through this week, I start to doze off and concentrate on the work that everyone else is doing and not myself. I think back to the beginning of this semester, and wonder where exactly has the time gone? I find it hard to believe that a little over four months has come and gone in a blink of an eye. I begin to think of everything that has happened to get me to this exact moment sitting in the library, quietly typing away and avoiding study for yet another exam.

Just sitting here makes me realize all of the moments that have come and gone before this point. So much has happened as I reminisce over the time that has too shortly passed. It's funny to think just how the world works sometimes. This semester started off not as planned with a class that I absolutely hated. Tossing around the idea of switching it or just sticking with it, I finally decided to drop it and take a chance on the statistics class that was thankfully still open. Little did I know that by this decision I made, would I find my absolute favorite professor and a new best friend.

Coming into this semester I thought everything was already set in stone, but of course that wasn't the case. By changing that class, my life kind of changed with it. With one simple move, so much good came to me. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason, and looking back on things currently, this is representing that at its finest.

If I told you that this semester I would join a fraternity, meet Ian Harding, meet my new best friend, and more, would you have believed me? Life is all about the unexpected. It is always a surprise, and when it turns out to be a good one then the more reason to smile.

When life gets busy and crazy, you forget about the times like this that are worth remembering. So much has already happened, but yet there is so much more to come. Little moments like these that can have a big impact. Something for the better, something to look forward to. Thinking about this just reminds me that no matter how hard things get, know that you are there for a reason. There is always better and goodness to come to those who deserve it.