How To Deal With Anxiety
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7 Things I Want You To Know And Remind Yourself Of If You're Struggling With Anxiety

You're not alone.

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Anxiety has a way of moving in and taking over a person. It's like they're just another host for the monster to feed off of, leaving its prey to learn how to manage and cope the best they can. While going through this life-altering condition, people tend to lose things they always knew were true, like their trustworthy voice inside or their self-identity. When the physical pain, emotional depletion; and worried thoughts that usually comes as symptoms of anxiety is too overpowering to overcome, here are 7 things I want you to remember.

1. The anxious thoughts and voices aren't real.

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It's important to know that your anxiety is trying to trick you into believing something that is false. Listen to the happy, positive, and genuine voices your head. Just take a step back and breather.

2. You are not alone.

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During the times you may feel isolated, please remember you're not the only person battling with the same monster. While people's experiences and mechanisms on how to manage things differ, everyone has anxiety on some level.

3. Your voice matters.

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Even with your anxiety and the current political environment, your voice still matters. Don't let anyone or anything take that away from you.

4. You are beautiful. 

Just play James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" until that negative self-talk gets turned into a more positive and healthy conversation with yourself.

5. You are good at your job.


You're a boss lady and don't ever forget that.

6. You are loved by many.

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Even when the monster is telling you otherwise, believe me when I say that you truly are loved.

7. There are many ways to reach out.

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One of the best things to remember is that while your experience is unique to you, there are countless ways you can reach out to receive the support you may need and definitely deserve. You can look to friends, family, or therapy, just to name a few.

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