As a young ladies, we all get caught up in boys and our feelings. We are attracted to certain types of boys, but let's be real the best type is a man. We are all just princesses looking for our true love. Remember when there was a Gaston in your way?

I remember my Gaston. He had deep blue eyes and his words were like honey. He was distracting from my path ahead. I was interested in getting to know why he was the way he was. I wanted to know what he was all about. I was distracted by those blue eyes.

He didn't care about me, he cared about reputation. He cared about how we looked together, he cared about what others thought. I wasn't quite a Belle but more of a Miss Potts (minus Chip). I was so distraught. I had Gaston's attention for ten seconds and I was addicted. I wanted more. He was over it and moved on overnight.

I felt trapped in my own castle of doubt. I was so insecure and lost. I didn't know what I did wrong. I was left without an answer. I spent many nights awake in my wild thoughts. Then one day I decided to wake up.

I opened the curtains in the halls. I blew the dust off my old skills. I started going to bed and actually sleeping. I started talking to my friends again. I started focusing on me again.

In no intention of my own, I found my prince. He was hiding in one of my friends. He watched me grow back into the glowing rose I was. He couldn't snap me out of my pity party, but he could support me through the process. He was waiting for me in the ballroom when I would be ready to dance again.

I remember when there was a Gaston. I also remember when I grew up. I wasn't ready for my prince. But I focused on me to make myself ready for him.

You can't force Gaston to stay. You just need to be ready for when your real prince shows up.