It seems that every movie that has come out theses past few years . While this nothing new, this is definitely a resurgence in reboots, remakes or squeals in recent years. This raises the debate whether or not Hollywood is making new stories. Here are both sides of the argument from a movie lover.

Why we do need them

Some of the best movie have been remakes. Scarface is one of the best examples. With T.V shows, a reboot can help ease the pain of a cliffhanger ending of the series finale. It can sometimes give good memories to a new generation watching the material. It can create new ideas by inspriing people to do something different.

Why we don't need them

Lets be honest , most of the time remakes or reboots are not as good as the original . This may be due to fact people remember materiel better than it actually was. Sometimes a story is done and there is nothing that you can add to it. To remake a movie just to make money, is lazy and gives new ideas the door. Plus, it can tainted the memory of the original material and any material that comes after will be forever ruined.

All in all, it just depends on your own thought process . Some remakes are great, some not so much.

Thanks for reading! :)