Please, Don't Push Your Religion Onto Retail Employees

Please, Don't Push Your Religion Onto Retail Employees

Being a customer and pushing your faith onto others can be the most annoying and uncomfortable thing you can do.

A few weeks back I was working at my regular retail job and I rang a customer out and then she started talking about God. She asked me if I know what God wants to do for me and I told her I am Catholic and am well aware of God and all of his plans for me. She continued to say I didn't know just how much God wanted to save me and that she was a religious counselor in Christ and she gave me her card. All the while she talked to me it made me feel extremely uncomfortable and put me in an awkward position.

When working in retail our first priority is the customer. We are to help the customer with all their needs and to provide them with the best experience from the minute they walk into the door until the minute they leave. When we have a customer that decides to talk to us about religion and specifically their's, it puts us in an awkward position. We don't want to be rude and walk away or tell you to just stop talking, but at the same time we never know how to respond because we don't want others to push their religious views onto us.

Where I work we sell a lot of biblical items from bibles themselves to mugs with bible verses on them, however, not everyone where I work is a devout Christian. It's just like when customers come in and say "Oh you are Amish right?!" No. Just because we live in Lancaster County and sell Amish memorabilia, it does not mean we are Amish. It's important to be mindful that those working at an establishment are all different in their ways of life.

I understand if you want to share your faith with others, but maybe ask your cashier "Are you interested in finding the Lord" or something similar. If they say no, then just stop where you are. If they say yes, then continue to converse. When you don't let them talk and you continue to talk to them about the topic it just makes them irritated and uncomfortable. And frankly, they won't want to help you in the future because they fear getting lectured again.

So please, do not push your religion onto those in retail, food service, etc. There are the proper places and times when to do so, but in a restaurant or store, it is not the proper place. Be respectful of those around you and their own religious views.

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