5 Key Ingredients For A Healthy Relationship Pie

5 Key Ingredients For A Healthy Relationship Pie

Keep someone sweet.

Relationships are like a recipe for baking. It takes time to rise to the occasion and after you get through all the flour, it makes one sweet confection. Of course, like a pie or Pinterest, no relationship or recipe will be the same. If a relationship could be measured, here are some ingredients to include in your recipe for a healthy relationship.

1. 25% Love

Having love for each other has different definitions for different people. Whatever your meaning of love is, you want to make sure it is your significant other's too. Love needs time to discover itself and requires awareness and dedication, so make time to learn to love. The love that's most important to a relationship is love that is not blindsided by emotions. Being romantic is good, but if it's only sweet nothings or words and not actions, love becomes a bout of empty promises and pure fantasy. Just watch any episode of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" and try to find true love in a half hour in front of cameras and microphones. Love yourself, love each other, love the relationship.

2. 25% Honesty

One of the biggest priorities in a relationship is honesty. Being able to know how both of you feel is necessary for any kind of relationship to develop and remain. No one has to tell the other everything, but do share what shouldn't be avoided, what can potentially harm, if not you, the other. Something in your past makes you feel uneasy and you think it would be best to keep it to yourself. Meanwhile, your partner thinks everything is fine and does everything to make the relationship work except console you and your past. Don't let one detail jeopardize your well-being or the relationship. Breath, clear the air, be understanding.

3. 25% Compromise

Deciding what to eat, what to do with the afternoon, or some alone time are all events that can strengthen or siphon a relationship. Knowing what each other wants and coming to a reasonable consensus keeps your interests in mind while also catering to the other's interests. Compromise is an opportunity to find out what you don't like and what you do like. Finding an even trade-off by making some sacrifices makes for a happier, healthier, more balanced relationship.

4. 15% Affection

We think of affection as physical signs but it doesn't always have to be. The thought counts too, but don't forget, showing is its own special way of telling. Listening, talking candidly, giving advice, thinking forward and making the day about your significant other every now and then, these are all good ways to show your affection. Thoughtful motives show you care about creating and keeping a relationship. Affection allows you to give, receive, show, and tell your love, honesty, and compromises during small and big moments. Affection creates and recreates your relationship and keeps your relationship consistent and flexible.

5. 10% Sex

Sex isn't necessary for a loving relationship to flourish. Intimacy is not limited to just sex. Pleasure is one thing but satisfaction is another. Before sex even crosses your minds, you don't want to rush or impose anything without consent. What's comfortable to you may not be comfortable with your significant other. It doesn't get more intimate than this and for a stable relationship, you want it to mean more than just physical pleasure. If you both decide to have sex, let it be safe but fun. Make sure you both are having a good time.

Relationships are our need to know in some way that our time and love is being appreciated and acknowledged. Nothing could be sweeter than that. Except sweet potato pie; that's an extra 10% free of charge.

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A Letter To My Best Friend On Valentine's Day

Because you are my ultimate Valentine.

To my beautiful best friend,

Warning: This letter is about to get extremely cheesy. I am talking four cheese lasagna cheesy. But no one deserves a love letter like this more than you do.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to express my love for you. On this wondrous occasion with which most people express their love to their significant other, I want to tell you, my best friend, how much I cherish our friendship.

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You are the ultimate love of my life. Boys have come and gone but you remain a constant; for that I am grateful. You have been there for me when my family could not be; for that I am grateful. You have been my backbone, my rock, and all those other clichés people use to describe the people they care about, and yet you have been so much more than that as well; for that I am grateful.

All my love this Valentine’s Day goes out to you, my friend, because you do not receive it enough. You have picked me up out of the dirt, brushed me off, and kissed my wounds more times than I can count, and I will never be able to thank you enough for that, but I am sure am going to try.

Thank you for the midnight cries. Thank you for the midnight laughs. Thank you for ordering way too much food with me and still just eating it all. Thank you for the advice, both solicited and unsolicited. Thank you for telling me what I need to hear, even when it isn’t what I want to hear. Thank you for the silly pictures. Thank you for the stupid inside jokes. Thank you for making bad decisions with me. Thank you for laughing with me and laughing at me. Thank you for the endless memories.

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More than anything, I want you to know that I love you. I love you. You are the family I get to choose, the one I go to when I have nowhere else to turn. You are the one I know I can always run to, whether we saw each other yesterday or haven’t seen each other in a year. You have played a part in molding who I am as a person, and I am so grateful for having such an amazing person affecting my life in such a positive way.

With all the love in my heart,

Your friend
Cover Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/natalie.pederson.5/photos

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A Letter to my Best Friends that go to the Rival School

It's a love hate relationship..


To my Indiana University Hoosiers,

The concept of rivalry is something that we are taught from a very young age. You're not supposed to like your opponent. You're supposed to despise them with every ounce of your being. When it comes to competition, we're taught that our ultimate goal is to come out on top and in order to reach the goal of winning. We can't subject ourselves to the weakness of friendships with the enemies. In my own life, I've been taught that the IU vs. Purdue rivalry has a certain level of importance. I was born a boilermaker and I followed in the footsteps of my great-grandparents, grandparents, uncles, and parents by deciding to become an official boilermaker last fall. I've had the hatred for IU implanted into my brain and ever since I was young I knew that IU was the enemy.

So how do I have such good friends who go to the rivalry school? Do I have a secret level of hate for the ones who are closest to me?

The truth is, I don't. Do I hate your stupid "cream and crimson" candy-striped pants? Of course. Do I hate the fact that people are always claiming that your school is the Indiana school for basketball even though Purdue has consistently beat IU since Cody Zeller left? You bet I do. Do I hate the fact that you're always bragging about your banners? No doubt. I hate everything about your school.

But do I don't even hate you to the slightest bit.

The truth is, you guys are the best friends I have ever had. You look out for me. You care about me and always make sure I'm okay. You tease me like siblings. You allow me to be my very best self. I love the times we spend together because I'm always on the flooring dying from laughter. There's no rivalry on earth that could make me not want to spend the weekends with you guys, staying up until 1 am and going to Mcdonald's or laughing about stupid inside jokes. You have shaped into being a better person and you have allowed me to enjoy every single moment of life. I don't know where I would be without you guys and our friendship. Without you guys, I would be incomplete.

All the time I think about the things I am going to tell my kids about when they ask me to tell them stories about when I was younger and when I am living out moments with you guys, I know that these are the stories that I'm going to tell them about. I'm going to tell them about all the fun times we've spent at both of our schools. I'm going to tell them about the amazing friendship that we all shared and the amazing friendship I hope they find someday in their own lives.

One day, I'll teach my kids all about the pride of being a boilermaker. I'll tell them about the amazing energy you feel as you walk into Mackey Arena. I'll teach them to sing "Hail Purdue" as soon as they can even speak. I'll tell them about the amazing fountain runs that they can do on campus. I'll tell them everything they need to love about Purdue. I'll even tell them to hate IU.

But you know what else I'll tell them?

Some people are worth crossing enemy lines for.

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