5 Ways Your Relationship With Your Mom Changes When You Get To College
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Student Life

5 Ways Your Relationship With Your Mom Changes When You Get To College

Come to find out, that woman is right about everything.

5 Ways Your Relationship With Your Mom Changes When You Get To College
Hannah Wernecke

Let’s reminisce about the good old days of high school. Remember? Those times when you were way “too cool” to let your mom kiss you goodbye before school and when you could not wait to move out? Oh, were those the days.

You may have thought before that you were completely ready to move out and be completely independent.

You may have also thought that you were too old to depend on your mom.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is certainly not the case when you move out and go to college. In fact, your relationship with your mom changes a lot, but not in the ways that your old, “so cool” high school-self thought.

1. You start calling them about EVERYTHING

Remember when you told yourself you would never call your mom? I know, I laughed at that one too. When you go to college for the first time, your mom becomes the first one you call for every single question that you don’t have an answer for. Can I microwave this? Do you think I should go to the doctor? Should I wash this separately?

I could go on forever… But whatever question that keeps you up at night, your mom has an answer for that. Believe it or not, they do know a thing or two. Dare I say everything?

2. Their advice suddenly makes sense

I really wasn’t kidding when I said moms know everything. That advice that she gives to you about dealing with friend drama or how to deal with a painful break up has a ton of validity to it. Why? Because your mom has been around the block a couple of times, that’s why. She did go to college once upon a time (and if your mom is like mine, she’ll joke how she just graduated a couple of years ago).

Your mother’s advice means everything and especially since you don’t get to see her as often as before, it becomes its weight in gold.

3. You never take them for granted now

Remember when your mom would do your laundry for you? Or make you dinner? Sadly, those days have now become a glorious rarity. Part of moving out means learning how to “adult” for the first time. This does include doing your own laundry and figuring out what you are going to eat for dinner that’s actually food and not a handful of pretzels and a medium iced coffee (sorry mom). It’s times like these where you realize how much your mom did for you when you lived at home and how you will never take them for granted again.

4. They become your biggest fan (like they weren't already)

There’s no one else on this planet that will always be there for you like your mom. Sometimes when you have those days where absolutely nothing goes your way, your boyfriend dumps you, or when you just feel lonely, your mom will always be there to make things ok. I can always count on my mom to make me feel better after a hard day and to help me put things into perspective.

Although this is nothing new, your mom was like this in high school, the fact that you aren’t living with them on a consistent basis makes moments like these so much more valuable and meaningful.

5. You realize how much you love them

Moms are the greatest. There is nothing quite like having the support and constant unconditional love from your mom. In an environment like college, where it seems like everything is always changing, your mom will always be your constant. I’m so thankful for the constant love and support I get from my mom.

I couldn’t imagine going through this first year without having my mom act a guiding force in my life. The transition from high school to college can be an emotionally difficult time for many and having your mother as a support system makes a world of difference. No one is ever “too cool” for that.

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