Why I Relate To Ted Mosby

Why I Relate To Ted Mosby

"My career and love life are going no where."

I don't know if you have ever watched "How I Met Your Mother," but it is hands down one of the best television shows I have ever watched. I can't tell you how many times I have re-watched episodes, and yes, I am watching it right now. Ted Mosby is the main character of the show, and the show is based on him telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. One of the main reasons that I love this show so much is that Ted Mosby is so relatable to me.

Here are seven reasons why I relate to Ted Mosby:

1. When Ted's life isn't going as he planned or his relationship didn't work out, he usually blames himself, which is something I tend to do every time something doesn't go my way. This is obviously no way to go about things, but sometimes placing the blame on yourself is the first step to actually figuring out what the real problem is.

2. Ted is such a hopeless romantic and wants to find the one he will spend the rest of his life with, even if that means shutting down the women he knows isn't the one for him. What's the point of being with someone who you have to settle for? I am also a hopeless romantic and I believe in finding "the one" (even though I sometimes act like it doesn't exist). Why waste your time on people who you already know aren't the one for you?

3. We feel the same way about our careers and love life. I graduate in May, and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing after I graduate, nor do I have any internships lined up for me. I am just going to wing it and hopefully it all works out for the best. And my love life and Ted's love life is pretty similar. Only seems to be heartbreak after heartbreak, but one day I hopefully have an incredible story about how I met my future husband (whomever you are).

4. Just like Ted, I have had my share of disappointments when it comes to relationships, but we both understand that it's not because we aren't good enough, but because we haven't been offered enough. We understand that we deserve the best and that the person who broke our heart will regret what they did to us and they will never be as happy as they could have been with us. And for once, you don't place the blame on yourself.

5. Throughout the show, Ted has always had these sappy quotes, but these sappy quotes are what I am all about. Ted's right. Sometimes things have to fall apart in order for better things to come your way. Although it sucks, that's life sometimes. Ted and I both agree.

6. In life there is always those "what ifs". What if it worked out differently and we ended up together. With Ted he sometimes had those "what if" moments in his life, where for a a couple seconds he thought what if things worked out differently for us, if timing was different, and what if I could of been the one to make you happy. I think we all come across these moments in our life. Where you wonder "what if". At least I know I have.

7. Sometimes love doesn't make sense, but Ted and I both agree that that loving someone/being loved by someone else is one of the best things there is in life (other than loving yourself). We shouldn't give up on love just because we have had our heart broken a couple times. The right one will come along when you least expect it, but don't give up on it.

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10 Reasons Your Big Sister Is The Best Person In Your Life

"There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you."

As much as I hate to admit it, my big sister might be sort-of, slightly, cooler than I am.

Sometimes. She's the one I call when I can't call mom and the only one in the family who can properly handle my attitude. Big sisters are the people you'd choose if they weren't already family, and here's why.

1. She is your first and truest friend.

Big sisters are (literally) there from day one. They see every dirty diaper, every bad haircut, and every melodramatic breakup. They deal with every bad day and drama queen attitude and still love you in the most unconditional way.

2. Her closet is your closet.

For some reason, her clothes always look better on you. Funny how that works, huh? With a big sister comes a big closet, and who doesn't love having a double wardrobe? I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the clothes I will never give back (but I'm not really that sorry).

3. She knows what it's like to deal with your parents.

Anything you could possibly be going through, they went through it first. It's kind of like having an instruction manual or a key to the future. Either way, it's always nice to have someone who will always understand the struggle.

4. There are no boundaries.

Wanna dance around in your underwear all day? Cool. Life talks while she's on the toilet? Also cool. There's no awkward moments or changing in the bathroom with the door locked. There's just the kind of freedom that only comes with siblings.

5. Thanks to her, you know about all of the cool movies/music/fashion trends from years back.

Thanks to my sister, I have every Too $hort and Ludacris song you could ever think of downloaded on my phone. I've seen every cheesy '90s movie, and when a fad from 10 years ago comes back in, I already have the hookup.

6. She tells you like it is.

We all have those friends who tend to sugarcoat everything. Yeah, sisters don't do that. She's the first person to tell me when I'm making a terrible decision and that I really shouldn't triple text that boy again. She keeps it real with me and deals with my attitude, and that's why she's the best.

7. Her home is always open.

Sometimes you just need to get away from life and binge watch Netflix, and sometimes you need all of that plus your sister. She always has her door open when you're two seconds away from losing your mind, and she also has good takeout and a dog.

8. She knows what you're capable of.

My sister knows exactly who I am and what I can do. She knows when I'm not doing my best, and when I need to be set straight. She's always there to remind me who I am and what I'm capable of accomplishing. She's always been my biggest fan.

9. She's a lot cheaper than therapy.

For some reason, my sister always knows just what to say. Even if I don't see it at the time, she's usually right (don't tell her I said that). Big sisters are like wizards, somehow they always magically make you feel like life's gonna turn out alright in the end. If she wasn't already awesome at everything else, I'd suggest she be a therapist.

10. She will always be your go-to gal.

No matter the situation, she will always be by your side. There is nothing you could say or do to make a big sister leave, and that's why they're the best. Whether it's a speeding ticket, a mean girl or you just need to laugh, big sisters are always going to be there to lift your spirits and set you straight.

I couldn't make it without ya sis, I'm sorry for ratting you out on Thanksgiving that one time, and for running away at the zoo. Thanks for taking me to see Aaron Carter even though he's way too old to still be singing "I want Candy," and thank you always for being the best role model, sister and friend I could ask for.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

An ode to the little girl raised to be insecure.


They raise little girls to be insecure

Little girls grow to be big girls

People always ask big girls why they're so insecure

Big girls aren't quite sure

Day after day the big girl can't keep up

She's exhausted

Her soul feels worn

The big girl learns to grow hard

In a way, she's a bit stronger

People call her a bitch


What is that?

How can she let that affect her

It's simply the only way to be her

She mourns that little girl

Hoping that one day

She'll be strong

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