If you are in any major that goes under the STEM category, you probably understand the following statements, all too well.

1. You never can truly be confident about doing well on an exam

You get out of an exam feeling confident that you did well, and when grades come back you actually got a 45. You are left confused on how you felt so confident but were so wrong.

2. You never have "free time"

The only time you have "free time" is when you are procrastinating the hours worth of studying you have to do.

3. Extra credit is a blessing from God

With most of the classes, we have to take, are solely based on exams, extra credit is a gift from God and is never taken for granted.

4. "C's get degrees" is the motto

The start to every semester begins with "I am going to get all A's and B's this semester" but by the end "C's get degrees" is what keeps us sane.

5. Study buddies are key

Nothing is worse than having to try to study 10 powerpoints of notes by yourself, having friends in other classes is the key to success.

6. All-nighters

Nothing like procrastinating so much that the only way to even stay somewhat caught up in all our classes, is to pull allnighters then wonder why we didn't just manage our time better. But the cycle continues and all-nighters become all too familiar.

7. Caffeine is a necessity

Caffeine is required to remain a normally functioning human being

8. There are not enough hours in the day, or so it feels

Between managing classes, friends, work, and mental health, it feels as if there is not enough time in each day to get everything done.