If you are like me, and the majority of the world, you probably have at least one personal electronic device in your possession. It is also pretty likely that Apple makes the electronic devices you own. The company is one of the top technology providers in the world. It also is considered by many to be the best company that makes technology.

I guess you could say that I am "team Apple." All of my products are from Apple; my whole family uses Apple, with the exception of my dad's laptop. I also remember enjoying those Mac and PC commercials with Justin Long. You know the ones.

But just because I use Apple products, doesn't mean I'm obsessed with the company and keep up with everything they do, like my uncles, or others.

In fact, I am not that technologically advanced, have no idea why things don't work like they're supposed to, which is often, and I will get frustrated with my personal electronic devices.

I'm pretty sure I am not alone in my frustrations with devices from Apple. They are a great company, who make great products; however, those products can be very frustrating.

Here are several problems I have faced over the past six years since owning an Apple product. Some of you reading this might have experienced these problems as well.

1. When your earbuds get old and they suddenly control your sound.

It's one thing when your earbuds go out in one ear; that happens with all earbuds. But Apple earbuds have a whole new power when they deteriorate. My earbuds are currently in this state. Whenever I move the edge of the cord, specifically the rubber on the end, my iTunes suddenly begins to play and/or stop depending on what's happening. And if I'm lucky, my audio will become distorted, speed up, or go crazy.

2. When you have to update your apps several times, and they don't do anything.

When your apps get slow, you think the update will fix it. And it usually doesn't. And there's another update that comes out next week. Speaking of useless updates…

3. When Apple inevitably puts out a new phone and gets further away from what we want.

We don't want easier to drop and break phones that can't listen to music while charging the phone. We want models like the iPhone 6 or 5.