Registering For Classes: The Unfairness In It All

Registering For Classes: The Unfairness In It All

Why being a freshman with an undeclared major is the worst.

Registering for college classes is always a hassle, and I believe it to be unfair. There are so many ways to not get the class you want, such as a class being full or not having space in your schedule to take the class. I think it is unfair the way the systems set up who gets which registrations.

The way registration is determined is by one or more of a couple ways. One way is your standing class in college, seniors get first priority, then juniors get registration times, then sophomores, and finally the freshmen. I feel that is an unfair way to get an earlier registration time than others, because hypothetically a senior could be finished with major requirements and not have to take any specific classes and a sophomore who needs those classes doesn't get their class because they're in a lower class standing.

Registration dates can also be determined by a major. Certain majors allow for earlier registration days than for others and I believe that is unfair to those in majors seen by their universities as "not as important." It is even worse for those who have not yet decided on a major because they are taking core requirements which fill up fast. They also are experimenting with Introduction classes to find what they like and desire to major in, which aren't open a lot of the time. This does not allow them to find something they like before having to make a decision on their major by the end of sophomore year.

I may be biased because I am an upper freshman applying for classes at one of the latest times possible and am very frustrated. I am friends with mostly sophomores in my college and it is hard to plan classes with someone or just in general when you can't register at the same time. It also becomes a little competitive, knowing that so many of your friends or classmates are going to be taking a class that is one or two small sections, and registering days before you are even allowed to register. That makes it less likely that you will get the classes you want/need. Also if you have yet to declare a major like me, you can't take classes in that field too often because those who have declared their majors are taking them and have earlier registration times.

I believe that registration is broken down into too many subcategories and ultimately makes it unfair to those unsure of a major or in lower classes.

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