Why The U.S. Should Refuse Syrian Refugees
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Why The U.S. Should Refuse Syrian Refugees

Why the United States should not bail Europe out of another crisis.

Why The U.S. Should Refuse Syrian Refugees
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I dearly hope that the Syrian refugees stay safe and that they are able to find peace and safety somewhere. Let’s hope that the war ends soon.

Now that we’ve gotten the sentiments out of the way, should we accept Syrian refugees? No, no, are you kidding? No.

In the issue of accepting refugees I’m going to ignore the fact that ISIS could easily put radicals in the masses, that accepted refugees could easily turn to radical Islam, and that refugees have already launched terrorist attacks, such as the Chechen refugees that bombed the Boston Marathon. As for the legality of state governors refusing to let in refugees, is it legal? No, but that’s irrelevant. Laws aren’t magical things that automatically get enforced. Unless Obama is willing to call in the National Guard and depose the state governments that defy him, they can do what they want in the same way cities can ignore federal laws regarding illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, the reason we shouldn’t accept Syrian refugees is that we’re already doing our part.

The whole scenario is actually funny, if you have an appreciation of irony. For decades European leaders have criticized Americans for their handling of immigration and the first time the E.U. faces anything remotely near what America handles on a yearly basis, they can’t handle it without thousands of deaths and begging America for help. What is a refugee if not someone who is leaving a dangerous country and looking to be taken care of in a new home? Otherwise, they are an illegal immigrant. I’m not in favor of illegal immigration, but let’s not ignore the fact that there are currently 12 million illegal immigrants living here with another million coming every year. The population of Europe is 742 million, compared to our 330, and they can’t handle nine million refugees? They can easily take in these refugees, but there's a very specific reason they won't.

Do you know why European socialism ‘works?' To move to a European country like Sweden, Denmark, France, or Switzerland, do you know what you need? An education, a job in the country, and the ability to speak the language; and if you’re not the same ethnicity as the native population, it gets even harder. Basically, you can move to Europe if there is nearly a zero percent chance you’ll go on the government dime they brag so highly about.

Here we arrive at the true reason the Europeans won’t help the Syrian refugees. The E.U. looks at the refugees and sees nine million people they would have to feed, house, and heal, and they know that their countries can’t handle that without having a serious talk about the failures of their governments. Therefore, they chastise the U.S. and hope they can guilt us into once again solving their problem.

I’m sure by now most of you are thinking I’m a heartless robotic bean counter. The truth is I do care about the Syrian refugees, I just acknowledge that it’s not our problem. The U.S. leads the world, and we’ve been handling our side of the planet just fine. Millions of migrants leave their country to come to ours, and we have accepted them. We’ve allowed the Europeans to downsize their militaries, knowing we’d protect them, we’ve sent our armies to solve their asinine border squabbles; in the event of a Russian invasion, they know we’d save them and then give them trillions to rebuild their continent. Yet they demand we 'do our part' in this issue.

Europe needs to step up and solve its own problem.

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