Reflections Of A Final Freshman Year

Reflections Of A Final Freshman Year

Urban Legends and Real Feelings On One of the Biggest Years of Your Life.

Freshman year of college. You’ve been daydreaming about what this time of your life will have been like since you were in high school, and if you’re like me, probably even before that. You’ll have pored over every college brochure and Seventeen magazine article (or whatever young teen magazine you prefer) for anecdotes on what goes on behind those mystical walls. You’ll develop and subsequently deny your growing addiction to blogs like College Confidential. You’ll have done all this thinking and preparation on this moment and yet you still will never fully be ready when your stuffed into your parents’ over-packed car, finally parked in front of the dorm you will call home the next few months.

One of the first emotions that will likely be the most odd-feeling will be the amount of independence you now possess. You’ve been craving it since you hit puberty at 13 and now that you’ve finally attained it, it’s ironically hard to appreciate. On one hand, you’ve got the freedom to choose when and how to do your laundry, when and how to study (if ever), and when and how to choose whether to go out with your friends that your parents likely don’t know at all, and that’s exhilarating. On the other hand, you’ve got the freedom to choose when and how to do your laundry, when and how to study (if ever), and when and how to choose whether to go out with your friends that your parents likely don’t know at all, and that’s terrifying. You’ll spend more time than you ever did worrying on whether you picked the right classes, major, or friends. But what you’ll eventually learn is that is that no matter the outcome is, your decision will hopefully be all your own for one of the first times in your life, and even if you don’t see it now will help you become a more confident person down the road.

And in between all of those college folk tales you’ve heard of how wild the parties are and awful the dining hall food is, they may have forgotten to mention one more crucial thing: that you still will have schoolwork to do in school. And for some of you, the coursework will be a blip in your daily life. But for most of us, particularly towards the final weeks, the work will seem like an overwhelming load that you’ll never be able to complete by the deadline. The essays alone will be more in quantity and page requirements in one semester in college than from a year in high school. But remember that you will be able to get it done. And when the semester is done with and you’re sleeping for what seems like the first time in months after breaks, you’ll appreciate how the challenging work better informed you to pursue your field down the road.

And of course, even after months of completing applications, tours, and deposits, you may still doubt your choice of school from time to time. You might have a hard time finding your calling socially or academically, and may even consider transferring. College, even if you go to a small liberal arts school like me, can be confusing and scary, and you’ll have lots of bad days when all you want to do is curl up in your bed with nothing but a pint of Ben & Jerrys and never get up again. It’s always hard to start over someplace new. But most times if you stick it out and face the next day, you’ll find someplace or someone who will share your old and new interests. And if you decide to transfer? No shame in that. You only get a few chances in life to fully engross yourself in college, so do what works to give yourself the next best few years you can get.

You’ll learn all of these lessons and probably many more on the bumpy rite-of-passage transition to college. And though it may be one of the most daunting years of your life, you’ll find that it was probably one of the most interesting and challenging years of your life as well.

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Saying Goodbye To Freshman Year

"High School goes by fast, but college goes by even faster."

“High School goes by fast, but college goes by even faster”, we’ve all heard it and probably all ignored it as well. I mean time is time. It moves at the same pace no matter what you’re doing right?


High School is over, I’m now a freshman in college and it’s April. I’m sitting here in my dorm looking at all my clothes, and bins thinking, how in the hell will this all fit in my car again? It is crazy, I need to be thinking about all of this now because there is one month of my freshman year left, just one.

All I can keep thinking is how? Wasn’t it just last week that I moved into my cozy room at the end of the hall, or just yesterday that I ran home to two hundred beautiful new sisters? As much as it seems like yesterday, it wasn’t.

It was almost eight months ago that I stepped onto this campus as a freshman, now it is my last four weeks and they are jam-packed. From formal to finals I am in the home stretch of my first year of college. I just registered for my classes next semester, and can’t get it through my head that I will soon be a sophomore.

While walking around campus I still catch myself thinking, wow I am really here. I am a college student, at a school, I fall more in love with every day. So, how can I be a sophomore now when I feel like I just got here?

Yes, I still have three amazing years of college ahead of me, and I can’t wait to see what those years have in store in for me. But, I just can’t help but feel a little sad that I won’t be a freshman anymore. I won’t be the youngest in my sorority family, I won’t be coming back to a dorm every night.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am stoked to live in an apartment next year with my absolute best friends. And you definitely could have heard me saying “I am so over this whole dorm thing” once or twice this semester, but now I can’t help but see all the things I’ll miss.

Freshman year is just unique. You get this giant clean slate, a fresh start. And it is just waiting to see what you’ll do with it. It truly is a year of firsts. My first failure, the first time being on my own, my first time not knowing anyone in my classes. Yes, that can all be a lot to take on, I was terrified at the start of the school year. But before I knew it, I had a routine, I had friends, I had a life here.

And this life surpassed all my expectations. I have a home away from home. I have friends that I know will be my bridesmaids some day. I have experiences that I’ll never forget.

Now as I head back home for the summer I couldn’t be more excited to be with my friends there and my family. But, I also couldn’t be sadder to leave my friends here, even if it’s only for three months because they’ve become another kind of family.

Despite leaving freshman year behind, we have so many more memories to make whether it’s doing the Seminole chop in Doak, coordinating our Halloween costumes, or just chilling at the house. We’ve all come so far this year, and I can’t wait to see just how far we go. So bring it on Sophomore year, I’m ready for ya.

Cover Image Credit: Cameron Kira

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To The High School Graduating Seniors

I know you're ready, but be ready.



I am not going to say anything about senioritis because I was ready to get out of there and I'm sure you are too; however, in your last months living at home you should take advantage of the luxuries you will not have in a college dorm. The part of college seen in movies is great, the rest of it is incredibly inconvenient. It is better to come to terms with this While you still have plenty of time to prepare and enjoy yourself.

Perhaps one of the most annoying examples is the shower. Enjoy your hot, barefoot showers now because soon enough you will have no water pressure and a drain clogged with other people's hair. Enjoy touching your feet to the floor in the shower and the bathroom because though it seems weird, it's a small thing taken away from you in college when you have to wear shoes everywhere.

Enjoy your last summer with your friends. After this summer, any free time you take is a sacrifice. For example, if you want to go home for the summer after your freshman year and be with your friends, you have to sacrifice an internship. If you sacrifice an internship, you risk falling behind on your resume, and so on. I'm not saying you can't do that, but it is not an easy choice anymore.

Get organized. If you're like me you probably got good grades in high school by relying on your own mind. You think I can remember what I have to do for tomorrow. In college, it is much more difficult to live by memory. There are classes that only meet once or twice a week and meeting and appointments in between that are impossible to mentally keep straight. If you do not yet have an organizational system that works for you, get one.

I do not mean to sound pessimistic about school. College is great and you will meet a lot of people and make a lot of memories that will stick with you for most of your life. I'm just saying be ready.

-A freshman drowning in work

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