Social media filters are fun! I've used it many times and so as most of you. Indeed, puppy dog and cat filters are cute and make you look sparkling. However, when you modify a photo and the result is you but a better version of you looking back, you may begin to perceive it in your mind that that's what you should look like. It's a problem, nowadays know as "Snapchat Dysmorphia (A mental illness involving an obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance)."

It is more than insecurity or a lack of confidence. It's about what you see in any case that you think needs rectifying, and how you contrast it with other individuals' photographs. Frequently, modified as your very own however presented as reality. According to researchers from Boston University School of Medicine's Department of Dermatology, the new phenomenon, dubbed "Snapchat dysmorphia," includes people requesting plastic surgeons to replicate the "instant fix" they see in their smartphone-edited selfies: an airbrushed version of themselves with fuller lips, bigger eyes or a thinner nose.

As I said, we often brighten up our pictures because they don't seem "white" enough to be posted on social media. However, we can use filters in our lives to light up our days by dedicating your full attention and time to your friends and family which will last forever with you, unlike social media filters. In fact, such filter not just makes you happy for a moment but help you to fight against the storm of obstacles and get out of it. It's been proved by experts and experienced by people that spending more quality time with friends and family help individuals to build self-esteem, positive behavior, and healthy lifestyles.

One of my favorite filters is walking/running in nature that makes me so happy regardless of the weather. Since you have a choice to use this filter to reduce anxiety and stress from your daily life, why use such a filter that adds more to the list? Instead of amplifying colors in photographs, one should amplify colors of nature by exploring it. In fact, under the influence of social media, one's perspective of beauty has been manipulated to attract toward more "beautiful" pictures ranked by the people and media. Instead, we should draw more attention to the areas of our life that we love.

At some point, you will realize that you've been flown with wind and have no idea what you are doing and why. You may feel guilty of what you're doing but don't be because you are not the one to blame. You were doing it unconsciously under the influence of social media. Sometimes, instead of filtering instead of editing, we leave certain things just the way they are... either because they're perfect or because you have to just deal with it. Everybody is unique for a reason and by becoming someone else you're disrespecting yourself so please don't do it.