It's that time of year again, and by that, I mean it's the time of the semester when the anxiety starts to set in. This semester has just recently started to kick my butt, and I can honestly say I've been going crazy.

The days seem to FLY by and free time starts to dwindle. Between school, work, and a million other things, it almost seems impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, the semester will come to an end EVENTUALLY. The days may go fast, but it seems like the semester drags on forever. Despite all the stress, I never want to rush my time out of here because it is the best few years of your life.

We all have those moments where we need to de-stress, so there are multiple ways to get rid of that anxiety and try to calm yourself before you explode.

1. Treat yourself.

Go do some online shopping! You deserve some new clothes and shoes after the stress you've endured. It'll make you feel good, too!

2. Try a new recipe.

A dessert, of course, because sweets always make me feel better. If you can read, you can cook! After your masterpiece is complete, you'll feel so accomplished.

3. Do your homework outside.

If the weather is enjoyable, try completing your assignments outside. It's a lot more relaxing than being trapped in the library.

4. Rely on your friends.

Ranting to your friends always makes you feel better, especially because it usually follows with them giving you reassuring advice. Your support system is crucial to rely on!

5. Call your mom.

Mom is always the go-to when you're ready to rip your head off. Her kind and caring words will calm you down ANY day.

6. Get some ice cream.

When has ice cream ever made anyone feel worse?

7. Remember that everything will work out eventually.

Everything happens for a reason! The plans you make for the future are always being changed, but just know everything will eventually work out. You will be okay.

8. Step away from your work.

Sometimes, you'll just go off the deep end if you're constantly focused on your work. Stepping away for a little bit will help you relax and refocus.

9. Watch some Netflix.

An episode of "Friends" always gives me a good laugh.

10. Take a nap.

You're a college student, so I know for a fact you're lacking sleep. Sometimes, I seem to be struggling to keep my eyes open during the day, so taking a quick nap will help you recharge.

11. Get some exercise.

Going on a run or doing some yoga will help your body destress and make you feel good, too!

12. Break out your artistic skills.

Art therapy is actually a thing! Painting or coloring is a calming procedure to reducing your anxiety.

13. Invest in lottery tickets.

Imagine winning over $900 million dollars? Stress would disappear as soon as that money got put into my bank account. Better to try to win than not at all!

14. Schedule in some social time.

Make sure you're not giving up every aspect of your social life to do homework and term papers. Making time for clubs and hanging out with friends is important as a college student.

15. Look ahead to winter/summer break.

The semester will end eventually! I know it doesn't seem like it now, but I promise it's right around the corner. Think of all that free time you'll have to watch Netflix and eat! Let that be some motivation.