I Am A Redhead, And Proud

Growing up with red hair is quite unique, to say the least. All of us redhead have endured those embarrassing, annoying, and repetitive questions about being a redhead. But through it all, I am happy to have red hair! I can proudly say having red hair sets me aside from everyone else. After all, redheads are a minority, making up only 2% of the population! Even though I am grateful for this vibrant color hair, I can’t say it’s been easy. Anyone will tell you it’s quite the adventurous lifestyle...

For all of those non-gingers out there, here are a few points to make you wish you were a natural redhead, or to answer those mysterious questions that are pondering your mind.

Yes, Gingers Do Have Souls

Has anyone ever thought it was offensive when they go up to redheads and not only call them gingers but say they have no soul? Just a thought, I guess. I would always personally find it humorous when someone would ask me. Oh, and yes, we do have souls!

We Have Prince Harry Sharing The Same Gene

Is there any other explanation that needs to be said? Prince Harry and his gingerness is all you need in your life!

Not All Redheads Are From Ireland Or Scotland

Some assume redheads are automatically from Ireland or Scotland, and I just have to ask why?

Yes, We Do Have To Load Up On Sunscreen Throughout The Summer

Is that a problem? It’s not secret we have pale skin, so instead of risking getting skin cancer, maybe everyone should wear sunscreen.

I Feel Part Of The Weasley Family

Anyone who has seen even a snippet of Harry Potter is well aware of the Weasley Family. Sometimes I can’t help but think I am a long decedent from their family! I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to be part of this wacky family?!

The Annoying Consistent Question Growing Up, If This Is Our Natural Color

Of course this is my natural color, you can’t get this color in a hair salon!

Having This Color Is Actually Influential

Growing up I would have random strangers approach me consistently complementing my hair, and dying to have this kind of color. If that’s not a grand compliment, I don’t know what is!

You Have Red Hair, You Must Have A Temper

This is the most bizarre thing I can think of that I’ve heard! How does hair color demean you of having a temper? I’m sure blondes have tempers, and brunettes are hot head as well!

Just Because I Have Red Hair, Does Not Mean My Offspring Will

The number of times I’ve heard my friends ask if my future children will have red hair is actually unbelievable. Just because I am blessed with this color, does not mean my children will be! And no, I will not only marry a ginger to continue the trait!

We Gingers Have A Holiday Dedicated To Us

How awesome is that?! What other hair color has a holiday dedicated to them? That’s right, none! A festival is held each year in the Netherlands celebrating redheads. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Going to a place with your own hair color everywhere…pretty great! Or strange?

Unlimited Amount Of Nicknames

Whether we asked, or like these nicknames, we have all been given them at some point in our lives. Because yes, us redheads just love being called gingersnap, ginger, carrot top, or even redheaded stepchild.

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