Redfinger | Stable Growth of Mobile Games Emulators Traffic and Revenue in 2022
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Redfinger | Stable Growth of Mobile Games Emulators Traffic and Revenue in 2022

With the development of science and technology, the popularity of mobile Internet has increased significantly, which has led to the rapid growth of the number of game players in overseas markets.

Redfinger | Stable Growth of Mobile Games Emulators Traffic and Revenue in 2022

In addition, as Chinese game manufacturers are exploring the international market, the revenue of China's overseas game market has also achieved rapid growth.

You may not know that games from China are very popular in the international market. Judging from the revenue of different types of mobile games in the United States released by Sensor Tower in 2021, they already account for half of the total revenue of other similar games. This may It makes you feel incredible, but it is a fact. According to statistics, China's overseas game revenue is 406.3 million US dollars (about 2.579 billion yuan), and it has a very large advantage to occupy the first place.

Almost every game from China is the most popular presence overseas. Not only has game publishers transferred a lot of profits, but also gamers from all over the world have learned a lot about China. It is worth knowing that behind these games going to sea, there are emulators. Taking the game publisher Yostar as an example, almost every game is bound to the emulators, which also shows the important influence of mobile game emulators as a high-quality channel for games to go overseas. In the future, emulators will become an integral part of games.

Mobile Game Emulators Market Flow and Revenue Growth

According to the distribution of countries using games emulators, games emulators are mainly divided into two types of markets. One of them is the huge flow market composed of Latin American and Southeast Asian countries represented by Brazil, India and Vietnam; The second is the T1 market with high net worth income, represented by the United States, South Korea, Japan and China.

It can be seen from the survey that the current traffic market has a relatively large space for growth and a strong liquidity potential, while the High-revenue T1 market is the key to the emulators.

Analysis on The Characteristics of High-revenue T1 Market

From the above introduction, we can know that the high-revenue T1 market of mobile game emulators, led by the United States, South Korea, Japan and China, accounts for nearly 90% of the revenue of the mobile game emulators industry. If you want to understand the T1 market, you can view the following analysis report.

  • lDevice Penetration

The PC ownership rate in the United States is as high as 90%, which means that the United States has a broad space for the development of the emulators market. Japan and South Korea, as the countries with the longest history of game development in Asia, also have a broad development space for the emulators market. While having a high device penetration rate, they also have a large number of mobile game players. These are all good hardware foundations on which the emulators can develop.

  • lWillingness to Pay in Games

Taking Chinese Mainland as an example, as a booming market in the game industry in recent years, users' willingness to pay is gradually increasing. In particular, emulators users have the characteristics of high net worth and high willingness to pay. Therefore, for regions with a longer history of game development, such as the United States, Japan and South Korea, the cultivation of the payment habit also makes the high income of the T1 market come naturally.

  • lGame Categories

According to the 2022 mobile market report released by App Annie, we can see that strategy, role-playing, and team fighting games are the three highest-earning game categories worldwide in 2021. These high-income game types happen to be the most popular among players in the T1 region, so the prospects for the use of mobile game emulators are very good. This has also created the current situation of strong revenue momentum in the T1 market.

T1 Fierce Market Competition

The role of T1 market in the development of mobile game emulators is self-evident. At present, five of the world's six emulators are from China, including Nox Player, LDPlayer, MuMu Player, GameLoop and Memu Play, and the other is Bluestacks from the United States.

As most mobile game emulators come from China, the nation naturally becomes the main battlefield of all emulators, and the competition is more fierce. With the globalization of the whole industry, the competition has gradually turned to the T1 market since 2015.

Mobile Games Emulators are Becoming More and More Popular

  • lGame Publishers Develop PC Clients

With the increasing demand for PC scenarios for mobile gamers, game publishers have paid attention to user acquisition through mobile games emulator channels since 2015. As a result, major players invest a certain amount of money each year to acquire high-net-worth users from the top mobile game emulators.

However, from late 2020 to 2021, Japanese and Korean game publishers led by NCSoft gradually develop PC clients and even develop their own emulators. Some of them choose to block emulators to ensure that users employ their own PC versions.

  • lMicrosoft and Google Participate in Emulators Development

The vast market space has not only been discovered by major game makers, but Microsoft and Google have also joined the battle to improve their own ecosystems. The Android subsystem of Windows 11 can support running Android APP directly on the computer. On the other hand, the PC version of Google Play Games, which will be launched in 2022, can also run Android games directly on the computer. The addition of the two undoubtedly compresses the living space of mobile game emulators. In the future competition, the key will be products that can perfectly meet the needs of users.

  • lUpdated Users Requirements to Boast Sound Experience

With Microsoft and Google announcing support in 2021, the competitive landscape has intensified. On the one hand, Microsoft and Google can undoubtedly allow a certain number of users to use their products. On the other hand, users who play mobile games on PC need the corresponding features of the emulator, such as keyboard control, multi-account opening, and script recording. In this regard, Microsoft and Google are currently unable to meet the needs of users.

In other words, neither Microsoft nor Google, or even game publishers, can shake mobile users' position on emulators. However, if no effort is spared to bridge the gap with their cutting-edge technology, the competition will eventually turn to user experience.

  • lMetaverse Shown in Gaming Sector

It is no longer news that Facebook announced that it will transform into a Metaverse company within 5 years; ByteDance also acquired VR hardware manufacturers for more than 9 billion yuan in order to catch the Metaverse train; Roblox, the "first share of the Metaverse", went public in March 21 After that, the stock price rose 50% on the first day.

Both game developers and hardware manufacturers are gradually laying out the metaverse, and mobile game emulators, as the carrier of games, are likely to catch this metaverse express.

  • lCloud Gaming Revolution

The limitation of terminal hardware has always been a difficult problem for the current mobile game industry and even the future market. However, cloud gaming can break through this limitation, and can bring better benefits to users by increasing the computing power and data transmission capacity of cloud servers. immersive experience and interactive effects.

Currently, cloud gaming is mainly limited to the high cost of servers. But it should be noted that cloud gaming may become an important trend in the development of the entire game industry in the future, and is more suitable for users who want to use their spare time to enjoy games and quickly upgrade their roles.

In Conclusion

In recent years, the development of science and technology is relatively rapid, the popularity of the Internet is also rising rapidly, and the game has an obvious cross platform trend, which shows that cross platform play will gradually become the mainstream, which is an important challenge to the mobile game emulators.

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