You walk into any university library, lecture hall, or coffee shop and you are bound to see a student with stickers on their laptop. Students use their laptop as a way to display their personality and interests to others without knowing them. In a big university, this allows the students to feel closer and like the university is smaller when others have similar interests or are from their home state. It can spark a conversation and create a friendship. That's why all college students have these basic RedBubble stickers. Including myself.

1. Your college's name sticker

Always. GO BLUE.

2. Your home state sticker

Have to represent your home state.

3. Some quote representing your mantra sticker

Inspiring and cute.

4. Your favorite TV show sticker

Now we know you like to watch TV!

5. Your favorite food sticker

Oh so you like to eat and you're healthy!

6. Music that you listen to sticker

Now we know you listen to music and you're trendy!

7. A cause you actively support sticker

Funny and supportive!

8. Your favorite past time sticker

In your spare time you do other things besides school and party!

9. The coffee sticker

Coffee fuels all college students and we want to let you know.

These stickers are basic, yet we all have them, including me.