Even though it seems like summer just started, I can't wait to go back to school and start recruitment. Joining a sorority was hands down the best decision I made during my freshman year of college. Coming from out of state, I entered school knowing no one. Orientation helped to introduce me to some new people, but I only really connected to one or two of them. The first week of school, I basically only hung out with guys that I met at orientation. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with guys, but I am a girls' girl through and through. That's where recruitment came in. After the first day, I met girls in my walking group who I connected with. And after the week had gone by and Bid Day came, I knew that I had found my people.

Being a science major, it's particularly hard for me to make friends in my classes. Even though I tried to introduce myself to my neighbors in class, everyone would say a quick "Hi," and get back to their note taking. Considering that I'm a social person, I don't think I would have as much of a positive freshman year experience as I did had I not rushed.

The sorority that I joined has shown me so much more love and support than I ever expected. The girls in the house were all extremely welcoming and inclusive from Bid Day on. Not only just the class above me either; the juniors and seniors always make a point to look out for the younger members when everyone is out, and walking across campus, you can guarantee a bright-eyed "Goodmorning!" without a doubt. There is always someone wiling to accompany you to go get coffee, or their nails done, or even to go to a Bodypump class.

Even if you don't think that sorority recruitment is for you, I highly suggest that you at least go through two days of rush. If you feel like you're still suffering two days in, you can always drop. But I promise you, if you make it through the whole week, as unbearable as it may seem, a strong and amazing sisterhood is waiting for you on the other side.