The Moods of recruitment Week
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The 5 Moods Of Recruitment Week

Every round of recruitment brings in different feelings that will have you exhausted by the time it is over.

The 5 Moods Of Recruitment Week
Claire Mosteller

From welcome rounds to bid day, there are many emotions flying around the sorority house. Girls are trying their best to be perfect and talk like ladies, not fall on their face from wearing heels, and making sure they are making a lasting impression. I feel as though there would be no better way to describe recruitment week other than using gifs. We all have different experiences but I feel as though I have a pretty good grasp on the overall moods that enter the house during the long, tiring, two weeks.

1. Welcome Rounds


The day has come...welcome rounds! This is the most exciting time of recruitment besides bid day because the girls are meeting all of the sorority houses for the first time. I mean how exciting is that? Once they take that first step into the house, this gif depicts the perfect mood of how it feels. They are about to enter the house that could possibly be their future home! Not only is that the pnm's mood but it is also all of the recruiters because we are excited to meet our future sisters! It is so hard to not have a giggly smile on your face talking to all these new, beautiful, girls and making friendships that will last forever.

2. Philanthropy Round


This round is all about helping others and the foundations that each sorority hold dearly to their hearts. For the girls, this is the time to show that you LOVE volunteer work and really want to milk the fact that helping others means the most to you. I feel like this is the perfect gif because once we say our philanthropy it is so typical for girls to be like "Oh my gosh I love that I would so volunteer at every opportunity!!" Don't get me wrong, I love my philanthropy and I love helping others, getting involved, and making people happy but come on, it sometimes takes a lot of convincing for me to get out of bed and ALWAYS want to be volunteering. Is that bad to say? Oh well.

3. Sisterhood Round


Ahhh sisterhood round. The round where I get to gloat about how I have THE BEST sisters in the entire world and also the pnm's get to talk about how badly they want a group of girls to run to and be by their side forever. The amount of times I hear about how awesome girls are to their best friends and how they would look out for them in any moment of time warms my heart. It is the best round to talk about values and what it means to you to be a friends and a sister. I love this gif because during this round I probably said that I was super protective of my sister(s) and heard it about a million times.

4. Preference Round


Pref Round, the round before bid day, the round that determines where you will end up. This is an exciting round for the recruiters because we finally get to tell girls that we believe that they belong with us in this house and we could see them being a great add into the chapter. I have had girls tell me that they love me during recruitment which was hilarious and it was very hard not to drop the L bomb right back to her. I love this round because it is intimate, you get to open up, and really dig down deep into why this process means the most to you and why you want to be in the house you are in.



The. Best. Day. Of. The. Entire. Year. This is the day you get to open your card and run to the house, screaming, so excited, ready to meet your new family! Seriously this was a day to remember. It is one of the happiest days of your entire college career besides graduation. You get to see where everyone ended up and meet all the new girls in your pledge class that you will be getting close with and having the best experiences for the next 4 years of your life. There is no other mood for bid day other than excitement/pure joy/happiness.

I truly believe that there is no better way to describe the days of recruitment other than the gifs above. It is such a long process but it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. I have made friends that will last a lifetime, I have grown into an even stronger woman than I was before, and I have taken leaps and done things that I would have never thought I would have done before. Yes, the week is long, tiring, and filled with a lot of emotions. But if you stick it out, it can be one of the greatest things you could ever be apart of in your lifetime.

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