Recharging During Spring Break

Spring semester is the hardest; every college kid will tell you this. You get back from winter break and your motivation is a zero, you're tired all the time, and you look like you just rolled out of bed every day. When spring break comes around, it is a blessing in a stormy sea. You get to relax for a change, not being up to your eyes in deadlines. This spring semester so far has been the most stressful for me in my college experience. So many papers to write, stories to read, and just trying to get sleep or food in between there has proven to be more difficult than originally thought.

Spring break this year for me is all about recharging myself and finding peace with being alone for now and not in a relationship. I want to find my center again that doesn't revolve around school, homework, and trying to see someone who doesn't want to see me. I fully believe that the universe helps heal us all, and the universe guiding me to where I need to be is all I want right now. I want to finish out the semester strong and make up for not having fun for a long time.

I used to write about how his love made me feel, and now I write about what the absence of that kind of love makes me feel. I miss our good times, but the bad times muddle them when I think of them. I'm taking this week to remind myself of who I am and that I have the power in who gets to be in my life and who doesn't. I forgot I had a say in everything that happens to me, and I'm taking that power back. I'm going to sleep, read, make some flashcards, copy notes into a new notebook, recharge my crystals, and recharge myself.

I will finish this semester strong, and I will be alright.

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