Recap: SEC Media Day 2
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Recap: SEC Media Day 2

Recap: SEC Media Day 2

Recap: SEC media days

Day 2 is in the books in Hoover Alabama and it did not disappoint. Here is a quick recap of the action.

Any day the old ball coach is present at media day is a treat its self and South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier did not disappoint. Last season did not go as planned for the Gamecocks and Spurrier will be the first to admit it.

“We had a disappointing midseason. But I’m really proud of how our team finished, winning three of the last four games. Our guys won the bowl game in Shreveport. We were a happy bunch of Gamecocks to go 7-6 last year. It could’ve been a lot worse.”

And he was not kidding. The Gamecocks entered the season ranked number 9 in the country but after the first game it was clear that ranking was not warranted. The Defense let them down every chance they could get but with the addition of new co-defensive coordinator John Hoke expect the Gamecocks to get back to business on the defensive side of the ball.

Now it wouldn’t be a Spurrier media day without a couple shots being fired at some division rivals.

"There are people in Knoxville and Fayetteville still doing cartwheels over going 7-6."

Spurrier and the Gamecocks should be lucky to have finished with the record they had cause as the old ball coach said earlier it defiantly could have been a lot worse.

The hype train is full steam ahead in Knoxville. Tennessee fans expectations for their beloved Vols are through the roof and the pressure is on Head coach Butch Jones to produce.

“We’re very excited, obviously, about this season. The expectations are a little different from those in the past but that’s what you want.”

The comment made earlier by Spurrier about cartwheels being preformed in Knoxville over a 7-6 season did not go unnoticed by Jones

"Contrary to reports, there were no back flips and there were no somersaults,” Jones continued "In the world of college football, you're judged on wins and losses but you're also judged by, 'Did your team overachieve,' or 'Did your team underachieve?'"

The Vols defiantly overachieved last season with strong performances against rival Alabama and Georgia the volunteers finally look ready to take that next step, and quarterback Joshua Dobbs is a big reason why.

Coming out of nowhere on the third Saturday in October against Alabama Dobbs gave the Crimson tide defense fits and continued that play the rest of the year. Now with the first season behind him he seems confident to continue the stellar play that made him the toast of Rocky Top.

“Whenever you’re able to get more reps, and see various looks, it definitely helps. It’s been different this offseason being seen as the starting quarterback.”

This offseason will have to be productive for Dobbs because he is going to be asked to do a lot on a Tennessee offense whose offensive line right now is questionable at best. But I think the young quarterback is up to the task and don’t be surprised if he turns out to be a dark horse Heisman candidate if the Vols are winning games.

If you may have forgotten how crazy last season was just remember the Mississippi State Bulldogs were ranked number one in the country at one point. Head coach Dan Mullen produced nothing short of brilliance last season and he is dead set on proving that was not a mistake.

“As a program, we had a historic season last year but we want to build on that and have an even better season this year. Having a guy like Dak at quarterback certainly helps that.”

I am sure It does help having former Heisman contender and “Tim Tebow clone” Dak Prescott back his senior season. After a very strong season that saw little known Dak Prescott explode into Heisman hopeful may have been enough for some men, but not Dak.

“Dropping three of our last four games leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Leaving after the way we ended, I think I’m better than that and I think we can be better than that.”

This season will be a tough one for Mullen and Prescott with a massive roster turnover and a unforgiving schedule but after setting the bar high last year these two men will accept nothing less this upcoming season.

Whatever you opinion is about the Texas A & M Aggies what they have been able to accomplish in their short time in the SEC is incredible. But last season was a step in the wrong direction for the Aggies.

The team is loaded with talent and they have arguably the best pass rusher in the country in Myles Garrett but the defense last year was a huge weakness, enter John Chavis.

The mastermind of the LSU defense decided a change of scenery was in order and he found it in College Station. Head Coach Kevin Sumlin had nothing but praises for the new coach and embraced the “if you cant beat em join em” narrative.

“That’s exactly what I did. There’s really nothing more to the answer than that. That’s true. We’ve studied the defense. We get it. We struggled. It’s a great fit for us and a great fit for him. He was ready for a new challenge. We were in the market, obviously, and here’s a guy who’s got a tremendous track record in the SEC and recently in the SEC West.”

Expect Chavis to fix the Aggies defense that is absolutely loaded with great talent, and with the offense showing no signs of slowing down the Aggies will be a team to watch in the years to come.

There it is Day 2 is in the books check back here tomorrow for Day 3 recap and analysis.

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