12 Undeniable Signs You're From Michigan

1. It’s called pop, not soda.

I left Michigan and moved to California when I was 16, and was politely told it’s not “pop”, it’s soda. That’s when I started doing some research I learned that the South calls it soda pop, the Midwest calls it pop, and the West calls it soda. The West also say “Can I get a Coke?” in reference to any soda, even if they want a Sprite. Which makes no sense, completely inaccurate.

2. You are accustomed to driving in snow and all forms of terrible weather.

The only way we had a snow day, was if there was snow all the way above the mailbox. Otherwise, you would learn how to get out of your driveway and drive in snow.

3. Family reunions are a huge thing...

Families are big in the Midwest, families are also very important. Family gatherings, parties, events of any kind really. My family had a reunion every few years.. at the same park, every time, every year.

4. ...So are bonfires.

There is something complacent about friends sitting together around a fire, talking and telling stories. Everyone grows closer, it brings people together and it’s just a general, feel good time. For some reason, out of everywhere that I have ever lived, Michigan is the only place that understands the need for this tradition. You don’t even need to seek it out, it’s just an “every Friday night” kind of thing. It’s a wonderful thing, the other 49 states should adopt it.

5. When someone says Superman, they are talking about the ice cream, not the superhero.

Superman ice cream is still be one of the best ice cream flavors to this day. Hands down. I don’t know if I need to say anything else.

6. You grow up having your mom feed you Vernors when you feel ill instead of ginger ale.

Ginger Ale is not very good in general, but when you’re feeling nauseous.. mothers from the midwest try Vernors as a first choice cure, before Tums or Pepto-Bismol.

7. Everyone else goes to Six Flags, we go to Cedar Point.

Mainly because they didn’t build a Six Flags anywhere near us, but also.. Cedar Point was just THAT cool.

8. Almost 90% of Michigan drives GM cars... just on principle.

We are given GM cars young, and growing up I think everyone only buys GM just to show their “Home State Pride.” Even to this day when I go back to visit, I still see 80% GM vehicles.

9. When you say going “up north”, you are referring to somewhere within Michigan.

Other people say up north, and they mean a northern state, maybe above them, or Canada Who knows. Michiganders will always be referring to a cabin or condo somewhere within the mitten or UP.

10. Every highway will grace you with miles and miles of sweet corn.

If you drive 15-20 minutes out of the city, and you keep going in literally any direction.. you will reach a point where it starts to look like Kansas and you're surrounded with nothing but corn.

11. The Michigan/Michigan State rivalry is not a joke… and no one takes it lightly.

I’m not sure if people really know how serious it is, unless you’re from Michigan. I guess you could say the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry could be placed in that category as well.

12. Yes, Eminem is from Michigan. No, not everyone likes his music.

Everyone will know who he is, and know his style of music, but not everyone will necessarily enjoy or listen to it. And every once in awhile, you’ll run into someone whose cousin’s friend’s sister went to school with Eminem’s daughter, Hailie.

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