10 Reasons To Write For The Odyssey
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10 Reasons YOU Should Write For The Odyssey

7. Network platform

10 Reasons YOU Should Write For The Odyssey
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Do you enjoy writing? Blogging? Do you speak your mind on any issue, from determining if it's Yanny or Laurel to social justice activism? Do you think you're funny and need a platform to prove it to everyone else? Need a resumé builder? Are you an English or Journalism major or minor? Well boy oh boy do I have an idea for you! Start creating the Odyssey today! More specifically, if you currently attend or will be attending Creighton University, apply to join our team!

To keep it simple, the Odyssey is an online social writing platform mainly stemming from various college campuses across the nation. You'll be a part of our team and create content weekly, might I mention that this content is COMPLETELY whatever you would like to write about (keep it somewhat appropriate of course). If this doesn't sound too convincing, here are a few more reasons you should write for The Odyssey.

1. Showcase your opinions, humor, creativity, etc.

The Odyssey doesn't have strict guidelines concerning what topics you can write about, so with that being said, the world is your oyster! Write away!

2. Resumé builder

This is a great addition to anyone's resumé. It'll look great next to your high school varsity sports and babysitting gigs you've had since you were 15 years old.

3. You (potentially) get compensated

You can look at the specific guidelines after you join (*wink wink*), but you do get compensated depending on how well your article does on social media (page views and social media shares).

4. Become a part of a team

Though you probably won't see the rest of your teammates in person too often (unless you go to a somewhat small school like Creighton), you'll still be connected via GroupMe's, Slackbot, emails, and social media.

5. Strengthen your writing skills

If you're looking for a way to learn how to write listicles or articles that are more geared toward a newspaper format, the Odyssey is perfect for you! In addition to writing, you also have the option to create photo or video portfolios if you are also trying to find a way to showcase your photography or videography talent.

6. Low commitment

With once a week deadlines, the Odyssey is a quick and easy commitment for college students who are trying to balance all the factors that go into college life. Write as much or as little as you want. Editor-in-chief's are also willing to be flexible if you have a schedule conflict or feel like you need to switch to a bi-weekly deadline if your school schedule is too overwhelming.

7. Network platform

Network with fellow Odyssey creators and editor-in-chief's to fully utilize all the opportunities the Odyssey can give you! If your article gains popularity, you can even network with people who try and connect with you after reading your article.

8. Get involved

It can be intimidating attending a college where everyone is involved in every club possible. The Odyssey is a great first step in getting involved in college!

9. You could go ~viral~

Sometimes articles strike the right (or wrong) chord with people, causing that article to be shared and viewed like crazy. The result is you, the Odyssey creator, going viral online for a short (or maybe even long) time. A good example of this is my article "24 Realizations All Coloradans Have Once They Leave CO" that you can read here: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/24-realizations-c... The piece had almost 100k views!

10. It's fun!

Speaking from personal experience, I really enjoy writing for the Odyssey. It's given me a fun social media platform where I can create and share content that I believe people can relate to and connect with. I strongly encourage YOU to apply or at least learn more about it!

If you would like to apply or learn more, feel free to reach out to me or Creighton Odyssey's EIC, Moné Moore, for more information. We are always looking for new creators, so tell your friends! We hope to hear from you soon :)

Or if this article was enough to tickle your fancy... apply here! www.theodysseyonline.com/apply

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