We stumble and fall, as we come across hundreds of obstacles in our academic and social life. Nonetheless, it is very important to know when not to intertwine situations from these two aspects into one. We are bound to make mistakes and sometimes cannot immediately fix them as it takes time and patience to reach an equilibrium emotionally and mentally. This shouldn't stop you from losing faith and confidence in yourself, especially that gradually-gained level of self-actualization you took YEARS to reach! These are just a few reasons why you SHOULD be proud of yourself each and every day!

1. You are trying your best to balance your social and academic life.

Enough said. Your social life consists of hanging out with your old high school and college friends, running daily errands, planning and preparing for events, and taking time to keep up your streaks on Snapchat. You are working hard, or at least trying to in general. From assignments to midterms, you are planning your study schedule but, you are also spontaneously having brunch, lunch, or dinner with your friends or family. Also, you wake up pretty early on weekdays for either school, work...or both!

2. You are dedicated.

You are! Either in your passions, education, or both--but you are definitely dedicated and strong enough to make practical decisions that will help you in the future! You are not the person sitting next to you on the train who has something you lack, you are simply yourself and you are slowly learning to embrace that fact! Your dedication and urge to be motivated (even if you aren't at times) is something that should encourage you to grow as a person and student.

3. You are involved and active.

You may either be volunteering at a local hospital or simply are playing gigs with your band, but you are definitely getting involved with your community by putting yourself out there in anything you do! This is something to be proud of, since you are sharing your talent and interests with everyone else! No one knew that you were babysitting, tutoring, AND playing in your school's basketball team until we heard your story!

4. You are not afraid to help others, even if it means breaking a truth to them.

Even if you're an introvert, you have your own way of dealing with situations and making your peers understand or realize something. This makes you brave and ready to tackle future situations you will observe yourself and your close ones in.

There are plenty more reasons why you should be proud of yourself! Keep encouraging yourself even when others aren't!