It has been almost a month since Americans saw it again. In late October, Our nation experienced another shooting. Not just one, but two both within two weeks from each other. One on the East Coast,where 46-year-old Robert Bowers, killed 11 people at The Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. The other on the West Coast when two weeks later, 12 people were killed at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks California after a fire. Americans are now beginning to question how can we be safe in public? Can places of worship and bars be safer? Most importantly, is more security needed at those places? Here are the reasons why having them there more often, might be more helpful.

1. It Reduces Fears

No matter what, nowadays, people will continue to have some type of fear as they leave their homes. It might not be the same as it is when going to pray or to consume drinks, however, fear is still fear. It is present in the bodies of many. Having security at bars and places of worship, can help reduce that.

2. Safer Religious Environments

While certain places of worship such as synagogues don't always have security, having it there more often can help. Guards on duty at all times especially when people use those places to pray, along with churches, mosques, temples, etc, can help make those particular environments safer.

3. Less Chaos at Bars

Bars can be chaotic. People are toxic and shootings have occurred there. Despite not all of them being massive, customers have been injured and dead from gunshots. If all bars had security, the likelihood of this occurring as much would likely decrease.

4. It Can Prevent Other Crimes

Although we don't always think theft when we think of the dangers at religious institutes or places of alcohol consumption, however, it is still something that transpires. With a security presence, religious worshippers or customers at a bar, wouldn't have to fear having valuables or other things stolen from them. Yes they shouldn't leave their stuff unattended or with people they don't trust a lot or at all but, these things do happen sometimes.

5. More Business and Attendance

Although bars do get a lot of business and many attend Sunday Mass, Shabbat and mosque services, the shootings can be discouraging to people. This can easily cause many to not go to bars or attend religious services because of that fear. The fear of something such as what happened in Pittsburgh or Thousand Oaks, happening to themselves or loved ones. Knowing they are protected, can encourage and motivate them.

6. It Can Remind Somebody to Think Twice

People believe they can get away with a crime. Unforunately, they do at times. Seeing authority figures such as security can get them to think twice before they act.