5 Reasons to Watch 'Schitt's Creek'

5 Reasons to Watch 'Schitt's Creek' Before Season 6

"David, stop acting like a disgruntled pelican!- Moira


Once and while a show comes around that just includes all the best things. Outrageous and funny characters, cute relationships, good character development, and fantastic writing. "Schitt's Creek" has all those parts that contribute to what makes a show great. Starting the show, one can't help progressing until there are no more episodes left. Reasons to binge are large, but here are the best five reasons.

1. The cast is hysterical.

The series starts out with a very wealthy family, a video store owner, and soap-opera star, falling from their fortunes and getting stuck in a middle of nowhere town. They then have to acclimate from living a life of private jets and privileged life to living out of a motel in a town called Schitt's Creek. They each have their quirks and each are funny in different ways. Every episode has you laughing at some dumb thing Alexis said or a witty come back from David.

2. Moira's outrageous outfits.

Moira never dresses lazy or half-assed. She constantly wears outrageous and outlandish outfits that have her standing out among the town. From extravagant dresses to crazy fur hats, she always has some crazy get up that bound to keep the show interesting.

3. It's created by a father and son.

Father and son Daniel and Eugene Levy write, produce, and act in this show together. They then play son and father on the show as well. Their dynamic is evident on the screen, where they connect and bring in others to create the funny Rose family.

4. David and Patrick are adorable.

One of the main couples in the show, David and Patrick are a cute couple that grows a lot throughout the series. They go from being business partners to real-life partners. They help each other with their problems, whether with David's fear of seriousness and commitment and Patrick's newness with dating men. They have downright adorable scenes in the show involving romantic gestures and just thoughtful connections. They support and love each other in such a wonderful and adorable way you can't help but not want to watch their relationship.

5. Great character development.

Mega-wealthy people with no regard to consequences learn that its good to put in hard work, find a passion, and understand what it means to be proud of yourself. All the characters have such interesting development throughout the seasons. They learn more about themselves, strive to be better people, and actually have regard to others. Characters outside of the family develop greatly too, from Stevie and her successful motel to Patrick and accepting his sexuality. No one is one dimensional on the show and although the characters can sometimes come across dumb or petty, they each grow in their own ways.

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10 Photos You Have On Your Camera Roll Of Your S.O. When You've Been Dating For More Than A Year

A wide range from "Aw" to "WTF?"


My boyfriend and I just hit the year and a half mark of dating, even though it seems like we've been together forever. Over the months, we've taken many pictures together... from football games, to his track meets, to holidays. Although we may have a lot of pictures together, I definitely have a lot of candids of him in my camera roll. If you've been dating your partner for as long as I have or longer, then you'll probably notice you have these same pictures in your photos as well.

1. The awkward first photos together

We laugh at these now, especially this one. Why am I so pale compared to him? It was July! And also, we noticed not to long ago that I was sweating under my arms and his underarms were sweating on me... what a great first time meeting!

2. The ones for VSCO

Every girl who has a significant other posts them onto their VSCO. VSCO is like Instagram, but more has more aesthetically pleasing pictures and there are no "likes." The pictures that include my boyfriend on my VSCO ranges from him holding a bunny to him holding my hand while we went ice skating.

3. Them sleeping

I have so many pictures of my boyfriend sleeping (I promise it's not as weird as it sounds), I just think he's so cute when he's fast asleep while cuddling with me.

4. The embarrassing ones they want no one to see

He's going to kill me when he sees this... but we all have those embarrassing Snapchat pictures that we start to send each other because we've gotten more comfortable with one another.

5. The ones for Facebook

The good looking pictures so you can keep yours and his family updated on how you two are doing. I took my boyfriend to a baby bird meet and greet since he loves birds and has one for a pet. I posted this cute picture of him and his new friends on Facebook so my family can see our adventures together.

6. Old pictures

One of the best parts of dating someone is finally seeing their old pictures. Although, sometimes they may make you cringe... like the one I posted above of my boyfriend after prom in his sophomore year of high school.

7. Their accomplishments

My boyfriend pole vaults for his college and he's really good at it. He just went to division III nationals in March because he qualified! I'm always at his meets so I make sure to get him on video in case he or anyone wants to see. I always try to snag a picture with him too because I'm always so proud.

8. The straight up ugly ones

He sure knows how to make me laugh. And I know he's going to be mad at me for this one too but I think it's a talent that he can do that with his stomach! Sorry, Adam, I promise I still think you look good when you send me these snaps for the most part.

9. But you have the hot ones too

He may be funny and sweet, but he is pretty good looking too. I know us girls keep some attractive pictures of our S.O.'s so we can remind ourselves of what a great looking partner we have.

10. FaceTime screenshots

If you and your lover go to different colleges like my boyfriend and I do, then FaceTiming happens a lot. Sometimes I get some great screenshots, like the one above, to make fun of him later.

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13 Surprisingly Healthy Airport Snack Options

You don't have to search very hard for the good stuff!


During my recent travels, my flight got delayed over an hour, giving me a lot of free time to wander around the airport. During my adventure, I was surprised by how many healthy snack options there are available! Of course, there are also a lot of unhealthier options, too. But, you don't have to search very hard for the healthy ones! Below is a list of some of the healthy options I found in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas airports!

1. Fresh fruit

Lauren Burkholder

Most stands have bananas, apples, and oranges. Many also have fruit cups (also veggies) in the refrigerated sections!

2. Dried fruit and fruit strips

Lauren Burkholder

You can never get enough fruit!

3. Protein/energy/nutrition bars

Lauren Burkholder

Luna, Clif, PowerCrunch, Lara, Nugo, Health Warrior, and more! Most of these bars use relatively natural ingredients!

4. Nuts and trail mix

Lauren Burkholder

Nuts are full of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based protein!

5. Vegetable chips

Lauren Burkholder

Bare Snacks vegetable and fruit chips are AMAZING! They are completely natural and baked without oil!

6. Smoothie bowls

Lauren Burkholder

I have never seen these before but I think they look pretty sweet. They contain a decent amount of protein and minimal added sugars.

7. Organic Cookies

Lauren Burkholder

Wholesome ingredients are always a plus


Lauren Burkholder

Oatmega and RXBARs are full of natural ingredients and super yummy!

9. Instant oatmeal cups

Lauren Burkholder

I LOVE OATMEAL! It is packed with fiber and whole grains. Also, it's DELICIOUS! You can add nut butter and fruit (available for purchase in the airport) for added flavor and nutrients!

10. Organic granola

Lauren Burkholder

Purely Elizabeth granola is completely natural and delicious! It is great on its own OR mixed with yogurt (which can also be purchased in the airport).

11. Organic nut butters

Lauren Burkholder

Nut butters are my jam (pun intended). I can't even express how excited I was to see Justin's and RXBAR almond butter packets for sale.

12. Greek yogurt

Lauren Burkholder

Greek yogurt is always a great snack option! It has protein and healthy bacteria to support gut health! It goes great paired with fruit, granola, oatmeal, nuts, and nut butters (also available in the airport)

13. Bobo's Bars

Lauren Burkholder

Bobo's Bars are super yummy. Again, they are made with wholesome, natural ingredients - which I LOVE!

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