4 Reasons To Travel
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4 Reasons To Travel

Go with the flow and be in the present. Thinking about what you have to do in the future makes you feel stressed and uneasy.

4 Reasons To Travel
Sabrina Wood

Sometimes you just have the urge to get up and go somewhere without even thinking about where you're traveling. I use this tips and tricks to help myself understand that its okay to be spontaneous and stupid. Making these random decisions is what life is all about.

1. Adventure

Who doesn't love a great adventure, whether it be with your friends, family, and significant other? I can promise you that you won't regret it. I think that every person should create memories and share them with the people that you care for and love. My personal goal is to travel to places that will make me happy, relaxed and in the moment. I want to be able to travel out of the country to places I have dreamed of since elementary school, like Italy. I imagine my friend and I sitting at a local cafe in Venice drinking a latte while people watching. That is my adventure to look forward to and I feel like everyone should have that. Think of something you've always wanted to do, make it creative, and plan to make that imaginary trip a real-life fantasy.

2. Reconnecting With Yourself

Sometimes taking a trip to clear your mind is 100% acceptable, even if it's by yourself. I think that clearing your mind is one of the best things you can do for your stress, mind, and spirit. Even if you have to take a mini driving trip to get your mind back on track to work on homework or just to get out for a little bit. My favorite trip that I ever took was to Colorado, I went to clear my mind from school and just life in general. Hiking and just seeing nature makes me feel so free and relaxed. Sometimes, you just need to take these trips to exit reality and enter a world of serenity to reconnect with yourself. When I made this a habit it increased my positivity, energy and overall happiness. Every person needs their alone time. I, personally, am a very spiritual person. To reconnect with myself I love to either enter nature, do yoga, or make a mental health day to focus on me. My mom always inspired me to take these days, so I don't become overwhelmed with life in general. I suggest you try it whenever you just need a break. Some of these things aren't traveling far, like to a different country, but just getting up and moving for a couple hours.

3. Carpe diem

Alright guys, you already know what this means. SEIZE THE F'ING DAY! It is always a new day and you need to take the initiative to make it the best. This mindset when you are traveling is the best to have. You should never really have a plan when you're on vacation because it puts more stress on you when you don't need it. Go with the flow and be in the present. Thinking about what you have to do in the future makes you feel stressed and uneasy. Seize your day and take a random girl's trip! My mom, sister, aunt and I did this recently because we were all so on edge and stressed. We decided to go to Mexico and packed up within the hour and were on our way. These spontaneous things help you live life carefree and make you feel like you have no worry in the world. It is just you and the day, so you might as well live it up and do crazy random trips. Make the most out of your days and let go of the negativity you might have.

4. Creating memories 

Wherever the world takes an individual they have the ability to create so many new memories, meet new people, and usually have the time of their life. Make those moments last in your brain forever and never forget them. I always love taking pictures of the times I am carefree and living life to the fullest because these are what you'll be wanting to see 10 years from now. I want to live vicariously through my younger self as I become older. Knowing that I had the most fun I could while traveling and being with the people I care about.

Life is all about the experiences and what you gain out of them. It is your choice to do what you may with your life so might as well make the best of it. Take chances and if things don't go as you wanted them to just take these moments with a grain of salt. I always try to make the best of a situation and I have learned these things above from situations I have been in when traveling.

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