Thank you, mom, for taking me through life over the last 19 years. You have truly made me who I am today. I know I may not tell you thank you enough, but there are so many things you that I don't appreciate enough. Being at college has really showed me how lucky I am to have a mother like you.

I have learned of so many college kids who don't have a relationship with their mom like you and I have and that saddens me so much but also makes me so thankful for you. With all that being said, I feel like I don't say thank you enough for the little things, so below I have made a list of the twelve things that we do together that I am so thankful for.

1. All the times you've taken me shopping

From taking me toy shopping to taking me clothes shopping, you've always been there to be my second voice. If the stuffed animal was too ugly or it the clothes were too preppy. I could never doubt that you knew what looked good versus what didn't. Also, how can I forget to mention that countless hours that we prom dress shopped. Whether the dress be yellow or pink, you always knew what looked best.

2. Introducing me to Broadway

Thank you for showing me what I am now most passionate about. Broadway has become a part of me because of your love for it. Without you introducing me to theater, I would not be majoring in it at school, nor would I have had a rad collection of Broadway trading cards and a massive number of playbills. There is no one else I'd want to stand outside for for an hour and a half in the winter with just to get autographs.

3. Giving me a sense of style

I know I may deny this, but I do want to thank you for giving me a sense of style. You have taught me everything I need to know about clothing. Bell-bottom jeans are cool, if you have on a chunky necklace, do not wear earrings and NEVER wear white after Labor Day (even though I do it anyway, sorry mom).

4. Letting me sleep in your bed all throughout high school

I will never buy it when you tell me you didn't like me sleeping in your bed because I know you're missing it now. I'm actually convinced that you never enforced the whole "clean your room" rule because you didn't want me to be able to find my bed.

5. Going on long walks on the beach with me

You never let me down when it came to walking on the beach whether it be just the two of us, or you, me and Sydney. We always got some good sun and even better exercise.

6. Always making me yummy dinners (even when I didn’t admit it)

Okay so I know I might not always admit that your cooking is bomb. But your cooking is sooo good and I miss it so much. I miss having tacos and stuffed shells. Those were five stars meals you used to make.

7. Teaching me the key to life: treat everyone the way you want to be treated

Every since I was a little girl you always told me to be true to this rule. Treating other the way I want to be treated is a rule I will pass down to my children because I hope they go into life with the same mindset you gave me.

8. Singing and dancing to Kinky Boots all over the house

Singing and dancing is defiantly the way to live life. From the car to the kitchen, singing Kinky Boots never got old. I think we could maybe even audition and make it now, of course after you win American Idol.

9. Watching endless movies together

Thank you for introducing me to the one and one Madea. I loved the nights when we would just lie in bed and eat and watch movies. The funnier the better.

10. Trusting each other with everything

You never fail to be my support system. I can come to you with any problem and you are always there to give me advice or whatever needed.

11. Giving me a sense of humor

You have a pretty good sense of humor, I must say. You can make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts.

12. And most importantly making me feel loved

Every day since I was born you always made me feel confident and loved. From saying "I love you" to giving me endless hugs when I'm sad. You're always are here for me. I can't thank you enough for this and, without your love, I don't know where I'd be, honestly.

When I become a mother, I wish to pass down all the good qualities you have given to me. I hope to teach my children you only live once, so live life to the fullest. And I hope to love my children just as much as you loved me.