There is a question that haunts us all as the sun begins to set on a Friday night: should I go out tonight? There are the nights that you can't wait for, and there are the ones that you'd just sleep through. Maybe your friends are all going clubbing or just to your local bar, and you're worried you'll be missing out. But a night in is sometimes necessary and can be completely justified.

1. You can actually get work done.

All those to-do's you have NO time to get done? Write that essay. Finish that work tonight.

2. Or you can just binge watch your favorite TV shows.

3. You'll save money.

No cover charges or drinks.

4. You can go to sleep early.

You'll feel way better tomorrow morning than if you went out until 3 am.

5. And you can wake up without a hangover.

And without any drunken regrets, other than the abundance of takeout you probably ate.

6. You can stay in sweatpants and no make-up.

No glitz, no glam, just Netflix and sweatpants.

7. You always have next weekend.

Don't worry about that FOMO. Your friends will probably complain about their night, and you have tomorrow night or next weekend to do it all over again.