Reasons To Love Summer Mornings
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Reasons To Love Summer Mornings

What's better than sunshine and summer?

Reasons To Love Summer Mornings

Whether you're a morning blue jay or a night owl, it's usually rough when having to get up out of our amazingly comfortable beds. Over the years, we have created this love/hate relationship with morning time and its heavy weight on our eye lids. Fortunately for us, the summertime has a lot more perks than the winter mornings! Check out these eight reasons that will change your view on early rising.

1. Here's the obvious: sunshine.

One of the most beautiful creations in the world is the sun. Its bright rays are seen by every single one of us, so instead of closing your blinds each morning, take a step back and appreciate another beautiful day. Get up, take a deep breath, and smile at your environment. Enjoy what surrounds you and show others! 'Cause if the sun doesn't stop shining for anyone, why should we?

2. The birds are awake and chirping.

The birds are always up and awake when the sun rises. They sit, singing along to every morning chime, so would it be that bad to hum along? I don't believe there is any better way to wake up than to the sound of a songbird outside your window. They wake up, ready to start their days with nothing but a sing-song hum and delight. Birds have this great sixth sense that lets them know getting up earlier will get them the best worms. You know, "early bird gets the worm"? Sounds like a good mantra to me!

3. No alarm clock.

With school out or the day off work, summertime is the best opportunity to just lay in bed on your own sleep schedule. I know this is a crazy concept, with life and its responsibilities of work, bills, or school, but trust me, summer mornings tend to be the season for leniency. This is the time when you can actually use the birds as your alarm clock! It's natural and a less stressful way to open your eyes for the first time of the day!

4. Comfy/casual is the new in.

With the heat beating down on us through out the day, its no wonder everyone tries to stay as cool as possible. Most outfits consist of a stylish tank top and shorts. Girls use the summer as the perfect time to go shopping for sun dresses and the hottest new trends. Basically, it wouldn't be summer if the outfits weren't on point with looking good and feeling good.

5. Yes, vitamin D.

Now, that you are dressed for the season, it's time to step outside. Instead, of rushing to your car to avoid the heat, casually walk and feel the sun against your skin. Not only, does the sun feel incredible after being cooped up in a cold house all night, the vitamin D is a necessity for a more healthier you! Allow your skin to breathe a little outside and, trust me, you won't regret it!

6. Summer drinks.

There's nothing that beats an ice cold drink hitting your tongue after being out in the heat all day. Whether it be ice cold water, soda, lemonade, tea, or coffee, these drinks are the top choices for a refreshing addition to the day! Iced coffee is my favorite and a secret to my trade. Just remember, the colder the better!

7. A summer eat can beat the heat.

Oh, yeah, I didn't forget to add in the most important thing in everyone's life: food. Food makes the world go 'round and has been making tummies happy for centuries. So, shout out to that, but another shout out goes to whoever grew the first watermelon. Watermelon has become the most affiliated fruit for the summer. It's juicy, sweet taste makes this fruit a top eat.

8. At the end of the day, it's still Summer.

As the day starts to come to an end, the excitement doesn't go away when the sun sets. The descending rays to the other side of the world, paints a fantastic sunset. From India to San Jose, a sunset is always much appreciated. It reminds us to stay humble in that the sun is creating a beautiful morning for someone else, and just as the earth rotates, so does the next day into, yet, again another beautiful summer morning.

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