Reasons To Go Tiny

Reasons To Go Tiny

Just because it's a small house, doesn't mean it's any less of a home.

If you've read any of my past articles, then you may have stumbled across me professing my love for tiny houses. In fact, I'm even going to tour some tiny houses for my birthday! Not a lot of people comprehend why I like them so much, so I'm going to try and explain. Maybe some of you will realize that going tiny would fit your lifestyle after reading this. You never know!

1. They are better for the environment than regular sized houses. It is relatively easy to mount solar panels (which can power your entire house depending on where your tiny house is located) on the roof and it's not uncommon to have composting toilets. Some tinies are completely off the grid. This isn't necessary, of course. Tiny houses can have modern conveniences just like normal sized houses, too. Building a tiny house is environmentally consciencious, too, due to the fact that tiny houses produce less construction waste than normal houses.

2. You can move them anywhere you go! Imagine you have to transfer jobs. What's easier and more feasible? Selling your regular sized house (in this market!) or just hooking your house up to your car and taking it with you? Granted, some tiny houses are too big and must be towed by tow trucks. Most tinies, however, can be towed by SUVs or small trucks.

Some tiny houses are renovated busses or trucks and don't have to be towed! You can just drive them around!

3. Buying or building a tiny house can help you be financially independent, as well. Most people are stuck paying for their regular sized houses for 20-30 years, whereas tiny house owners usually have their houses paid for within a year. I recently toured a tiny house that cost around $6,000, which is around the same amount I pay for room and board at college. I could get a whole house (even though it's small doesn't mean it's any less of a home) for the prize of a shabby dorm room. Sounds like a good deal to me!

4. Less cleaning! You have less space and less stuff so you're obviously not going to have to clean as much! Tiny houses are usually built with really creative and useful storage, which helps keep your home organized and tidy!

5. You can work less because you don't have as many bills to pay. This means you can spend your money on things that you enjoy.

I think we can all agree that this sounds amazing.

6. They are easy to customize to your style. Want modern, cabin, cottage, or various other styles? You can have it! Adding a certain style might increase the cost a bit, but it will be so worth it in the end. Tiny houses are not only customizable on the outside. There are countless floor plans to choose from in order to to create your perfect home, inside and out.

There are obviously more reasons to go tiny, but these are probably the most well known and popular. I hope I gave you some extra insight into the possibilities of going tiny and why I love them.

Thanks for reading!

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