7 Reasons To Seriously Consider Going Greek
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Student Life

7 Reasons To Seriously Consider Going Greek

The advantages of going "Greek" in college.

7 Reasons To Seriously Consider Going Greek
Emily Setelin

When lots of people think of sororities, many people associate it with image-obsessed girls, pillow fights, and partying. I'm not going to lie, I used to have some of those same stereotypes. That was until I joined one my sophomore year of college. Take it from someone in a sorority, it's nothing like those stereotypes or what you see in movies. There are so many benefits that you get in return, that you (almost) forget that you're kind of pretty much broke from paying dues.

Lifelong friends

Kylee Czerwinski

As cheesy as it sounds, I have met so many genuine and caring people through being apart of Greek life. I used to think that sorority girls were just "buying their friends," but it's honestly not like that at all. I don't regret my decision to join a sorority for one second. I have made such amazing friends that I wouldn't trade for the world.

College campuses are so big that it's truly hard to find people you really click with. During the recruitment process, you are mutually placed in a sorority where you would fit in the best. Everyone says to just "trust the process," and let me tell you, I'm so happy I did.

Having a “big”

Emily Setelin

I first met my big when I was going through the recruitment process. I remember going home that night and telling my roommates how much I loved her already. She was a huge reason why I chose the sorority I'm in. Having a big is like having an older sister. My big made it so easy to feel comfortable in my sorority. She constantly supports me, gets me out of my comfort zone, and of course, drives me everywhere. Whenever you need someone to talk to, your big will always be there. My big is one of my best friends and I wouldn't want anyone else to take her place. Not only by having a big, but having a "family" will be one of your favorite parts of being in a sorority.

Social events

Allie Helmick

When I say social events, I don't just mean parties and date functions. I also mean sisterhood events, dinner dates, and movie nights. Coming from a very sociable person, I love being around people all the time. Social events are great places to meet new people and hang out with others. Schoolwork is obviously an important part of college, but so is enjoying yourself!

Your campus will feel smaller

Rachael Bridges

After joining Greek life, you can always find me with a sorority friend. When I wasn't apart of a community like a sorority last year, I really struggled finding my place at college. Now that I'm in one, there will never be a time on campus where I don't see a familiar face. Being a part of an organization like Greek life means that you never have to do anything alone. You will always have someone to eat with, study with, or go shopping with.


Rylee Spong

Something that is really underrated about sororities is all the good that they do. When joining Greek life, you're becoming apart of something bigger than yourself. You do wonderful things for other communities like help fundraise for children's hospitals, breast cancer awareness, and Alzheimer's research. I never realized how important philanthropies were to a sorority. Everyone dedicates so much time to volunteering, donating, and fundraising. It's truly life changing when you perform so many good deeds and services to impact different communities.

Leadership opportunities

Arianna Agarwal

Participating in leadership opportunities in a sorority is nothing but good experience. Leading a community can only benefit your life by helping you build leadership and communication skills. Opportunities to become a leader within a sorority chapter will also help you be more socially involved. I highly encourage anyone to apply for leadership opportunities within a sorority or really any organization. Make your voice heard.

The connections after your degree

Caitlyn Brown

It's actually crazy how you can make so many connections just by being apart of a sorority. I applied for a summer job not too long ago, and the person interviewing me used to be in the same sorority as me! Even after you graduate, your sorority network continues. Not only can being in a sorority offer you career and internship opportunities, you will forever share bonds between you and your sorority sisters.

Joining a sorority was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It helped me to not only find countless new friendships but has given me so many other benefits to better my college experience. All of your sorority sisters want to help you grow and strive socially and academically. There are so many reasons to be a part of Greek life. I encourage everyone to get involved and be apart of a sisterhood!

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