Reasons to Apply to Wittenberg University
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Student Life

Reasons to Apply to Wittenberg University

Home of the Tigers!

Reasons to Apply to Wittenberg University
Taylor Horton

Wittenberg University is a liberal arts college located in Springfield, Ohio. I've lived in this small town my entire life, so I've known about Wittenberg for as long as I can remember. My mom and uncle are both alumni and I've always known that this is where I wanted to go too. Here are some reasons you should consider applying.

The beautiful campus.

Wittenberg is known for it's outstandingly beautiful campus. Even though we may hate actually walking up the hills, they make for a wonderful view.

The helpful, caring professors.

The professors at Wittenberg are so helpful. Many of them leave sign up sheets outside their offices where you can sign up weekly to meet with them about anything-- grades, problems with a certain topic, etc. They devote their time to actually helping the students and they are very helpful and nice, so don't be nervous if you have to talk to them!


Enough said.

The friendly students.

Everyone at Wittenberg is so kind and accepting. I don't see a lot of judgmental people and it seems like basically everyone is friends with everyone. We all look out for each other here at Witt.

There are many great organizations to join.

Wittenberg offers hundreds of clubs and organizations, so there is definitely something for everyone! There are a ton of clubs, sports, and fraternities and sororities to join, which you learn about at the Student Involvement Fair just a few days into the school year as a Freshman.


Wittenberg apparently has...kittens? Yes, we are also known as Kittenberg! It has been discovered that the Student Center is home to a few strays. They are super friendly and they are featured in a lot of the students Instagram pictures. The cats are a good enough reason on their own to come to Wittenberg, am I right?

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